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Today at 09:09 PM by ruttinbuck | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Every time I buy tungsten jigs on sale , I receive poor quality hooks. First time I ordered a bunch, the barbs were so small I think spikes were wiggling off the hooks. The next time
(different company) I received poor barbs, eyes of hooks not ...
Today at 10:35 AM by ICEHOLE | Views: 109 | Comments: 6

Hey guys just wondering how people do for batteries on these things..i SWEAR i get 2 days of fishing on my kayak with my lowrance elite 3x. only difference is winter time i use the ice ducer and graph mode, and i only get a few hours tops out of it. ...
Today at 08:03 AM by Dima | Views: 171 | Comments: 1

I'm working on a software that identifies fish species by using a neural network. To train the network to recognize species accurately I need lots of photos of different fishes. I'd appreciate very much if you can donate your photos for my project. <...
Mar 23, 2019, 05:54 PM by IcePirateJace | Views: 107 | Comments: 3

Nothing beats ice fishing in 50 degrees. I pulled one out in about five seconds and then had to work a little but my eldest got her first through the ice. The youngest hooked his gloves twice. Fun day to be out and probably the last chance this season.
Mar 20, 2019, 06:44 PM by saxmatt | Views: 220 | Comments: 3

Now that the ice is shot around here I figured I’d put up an end of the season report. It was a slow year for me with a lot of skunks but I eneded up landing 12 muskie including a 48.25” 33lb pure strain which is my new Pb fish through the ice, a world record ice tiger at 47” and 30.5lbs, another mid 40” pure strain and 4 other tigers up to 38”. I caught around 1...
Mar 19, 2019, 11:07 PM by missoulafish | Views: 148 | Comments: 1

Today at 02:58 PM by DrCro | Views: 19 | Comments: 0

Hey guys, I won't post much until next ice fishing season, but had a very fun first ice off fishing trip the other day on Wiper and Shad, our shad here are enormous. Nice Catfish bait!

Feb 19, 2019, 05:08 PM by Joe in T.C. | Views: 496 | Comments: 5

Here is a healthy and tasty way to prepare fish.

Just a little salt, pepper and a touch of olive oil.

For the salt, you have many choices...
Feb 19, 2019, 12:19 PM by Leather | Views: 458 | Comments: 1

Enojy! --->
Feb 18, 2019, 06:45 PM by SHaRPS | Views: 556 | Comments: 4

Not sure about you guys but I love to cook what I catch, hunt, gather or grow. Ice fishing is no exception. Certain species go back and certain species go back ...
Mar 22, 2019, 03:46 PM by Iceshanty | Views: 74 | Comments: 0

Tailored Tackle's NEW Ice Fishing 2019 - How to Fish Below the Ice - is a FULL LENGTH TV STYLE ice fishing series that gets super detailed on Tactics, Equipment, Location ...
Mar 20, 2019, 02:39 PM by Iceshanty | Views: 125 | Comments: 1

A new model of wobblers - Izumi May bug and Izumi Water beetle. All beetles are absolute handmade.
These baits are the result of painstaking and accurate manual work. Lure is different ...
Jan 09, 2019, 10:17 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 619 | Comments: 0

In connection with many requests for the purchase of Shark products in the USA. Shark is looking for USA representatives. If you are interested in selling Shark goods, please email or call the number +37127065270 (watsapp, viber)
Jan 04, 2019, 08:20 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 1499 | Comments: 28

Please welcome a new sponsor Eyoyo Portable Underwater Cameras. They will be sponsoring the Iceshanty Equipment boards.

Convenient underwater video camera systems. LI battery, la...
Dec 20, 2018, 07:06 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 985 | Comments: 6

IZUMI Jiggers! A revolutionary new series of baits.
Fly Roach

Fly Petty

Fly Pike
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