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Today at 01:09 PM by Skywagon | Views: 48 | Comments: 4

Does anyone know of a company in the US (or Canada) that will work with you on the price of a Honda generator? in all the research I have done on the internet, the price has been exactly the same on each model from dealer to dealer.  I am only intere...
Today at 12:06 PM by skifisher | Views: 89 | Comments: 4

Well, as per a report on another site, we had a “brave soul” venture out on a sketchy 2” of ice to connect with a tiger trout! Not enough hard water for this OG, but sure is encouraging. Congrats!  :thumbsup: :clap:
Today at 10:45 AM by piersm2 | Views: 141 | Comments: 9

Need to buy a spud bar and am thinking about buying the Redneck economy one for $25 considering it will be used for a week or two each year.  Anyone have issues with this model?
Today at 07:44 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 47 | Comments: 1

I love the different textures and patterns that form on the ice over a season. Here is few of my favorites I have snapped pics of over the years. Post yours.

[img width=800]
Oct 11, 2018, 04:36 PM by FishinDJ | Views: 76 | Comments: 2

 I threw together some random clips from last season:

A little long winded, but had a blast going through the footage-it made the wait for first ice a little easier ;D
Oct 05, 2018, 06:26 PM by Iceshanty | Views: 387 | Comments: 0

The snow was that deep in 14, and sure was fun getting around for awhile there.  ;D Not my truck in the picture, but I had just been plowed out minutes before that attempt to cross the lake.  :'( Was a fun day!

Oct 08, 2018, 07:05 PM by gaspumper | Views: 378 | Comments: 12

Smoked up a couple of rainbows,turned out pretty good for first time.

Sep 30, 2018, 06:26 PM by crappieslayer56 | Views: 235 | Comments: 5

Does anyone have any good fish chowder recipes? I’m looking to expand my horizons a little bit, thanks in advance!
Jul 05, 2018, 10:46 AM by Joe in T.C. | Views: 1003 | Comments: 1

Well, ice fishing season is a ways off, so I thought I would share my dill pickle recipe with anyone that may like to try it.

This is a quick and eas...
Today at 07:55 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 55 | Comments: 0

The Ice Fishing Giveaways are back for another season. :tipup: Could be starting any day now!  Keep your eyes on the General Board.
How to get in... Simply be regist...
Oct 08, 2018, 10:24 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 107 | Comments: 1

New Tungsten ICE JIGS KITS from SHARK!

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Oct 08, 2018, 10:00 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 115 | Comments: 0

Take a look at the newest ice fishing tech from MarCum for this season, the Mission SD and the full 1080p Quest HD.

Mission SD

The Mission SD combine...
Oct 08, 2018, 07:10 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 73 | Comments: 0

FishUSA Be Ready for Hard Water w/ Auger & Ice Electronics Savings
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Sep 27, 2018, 06:53 AM by Iceshanty | Views: 253 | Comments: 4

Please give a welcome to a new sponsor for the VT boards, The Anchorage. A twelve-cabin resort nestled amongst mature cedars overlooking Paradise Bay and Cedar Island of Lake Champlain. You can find this hidden gem down a quiet dirt road, just one mi...
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