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Dec 20, 2014, 06:04 PM

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aluminum auger
Has anyone seen an aluminum auger that fits a Jiffy?  My buddy owns a metal shop and we were discussing making a 10". Ma...
MOVED: garage safety
This topic has been moved to The IceShantys.
I Want To Say Thankyou!
I just wanted to say thankyou for coining my $15 Homemade sled the "Smitty Sled".........it makes me feel awesome inside...

more general topics
I have the snacks, now I need some ice
I have been making salami, pepperoni sticks, and jerky, just need some ice to go fish on and enjoy the snacks.

pepperoni cooking
smoked salmon jalapenos
This is a recipe I got out of a fishing mag. a couple years back.

1- 8 ounce package cream cheese
1 cup flaked smoked salmon
1 scallion...
more about hardwater cuisine
Looking for new tip ups
I used two different types of tip ups for the past couple of years and was looking for advice on new tip ups. I have...
Keep flourocarbon leaders on round Frabil tip ups from getting memory curls
I use the round Frabil tip ups and I always have a problem with my leaders curling up with way too much memory.  I use 3...
more ice fishing tips
MarCum Showdown Troller 2.0 - Amazon price drop to $180
I've been monitoring this unit for quite a while (as a fast hole hopping device or 2nd sonar for buddies). Normally, the...
FLX28 Not showing second jig
Ok guys, I was out last weekend fishing in 18 fow. We were on a hump that dropped down to 22 ft over a 3 ft span. So we...
more ice fishing electronics posts

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Lindy's Fish Ed
Check out the latest installment of Fish Ed from Lindy Fishing Tackle. First Ice Devils Lake Perch Talker Jason Feldner shows us how he uses the Perch...
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Hey ice nuts if you haven't yet check out the FishUSA.com "Fish Like a Legend" contest. Win a great fishing rod! Click the link for more info on how to enter.
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2015 Iceshanty Online Tourney on! Click here for to sign up and info.
Ice fishing stories and tips from Lindy
Daily ice stories and tips for targeting perch, bluegills and crappies during early ice from Lindyfishingtackle.com
Iceshanty Ice Fishing Giveaways!
Iceshanty Ice Fishing Giveaways!  Starting November 23, running until Jan31..... at a random time during the day a thread will be posted in the general forum. T...
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