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Aug 24, 2016, 04:08 AM
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Don't forget to charge the Lead Acid Batteries.
Plut the charger on a few of my batteries.
YES! It's time to kick off the iceshanty for early season 2016. Might be tough for some of you to find photos from last ...
Coloring Deadbait
Has anyone colored their Deadbait for pike?  If so, what colors work best for you.  Also, do you color the frozen bait a...

more general ice fishing topics
Serving size?
I have 27 crappies in the freezer from last weekend.  They are in the 9.5-12" class and are fillets.  I'm having a few people over for a fish fry and I'm trying...
What is the Best Dessert to go with a Panfish fry???
So my wife wants to make dessert when we invite family over for a fish fry.  We need MANY ideas that go best with fish!  Thanks in Advance.
more hardwater cuisine
Sullivan Tip Downs?
Some may think it's to early to talk Ice. Not here though. Season will here soon enough.
So what is the general fee...
missing flags alot
Ok. I know its a topic that has been discussed lots. Im just looking for input on types of rigs and different ways to...
more ice fishing tips
auger blade safety
Remember that your auger blades are very sharp. I sharpened mine today and didn't even feel the cut, but after seeing th...
Clothing: floating vs sinking--what are your thoughts?
Hello friends. I have always heard that heavy winter clothes will actually help you float by trapping air, instead of...
more ice safety

IceShanty.com News

Iceshanty Celebrating 20 Years
In the late summer of 1996. YES 20 years ago almost to this day! The idea of an Ice Shanty on the world wide web popped into my head. I knew a little about ice...
Fish307 - Hot Summer Savings Sale
Ice Fishing In July - Hot Summer Savings
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Polar Bird  2016 Commercial

The Break Challenge
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Lindy Land Panfish And Walleye Pointers
The saga continues this weekend, as the cameras catch up with host Jon Thelen and fellow Lindy guide Jeff Sundin as they are hauling in crappies and sunfish...
4 Extra Tickets
Polar Bird had purchased 4 extra tickets, valued at $50 each, for the Brainerd Fishing Extravaganza on Jan 23rd.

We purchased them with the...
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