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Aug 28, 2014, 11:23 PM
Just like iceshanty but warmer
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how to solve problems w/ bairn storming: topic: shanty modifications
they may end out being a never ending post who knows? here is how it works you throw out ideas that need improving  or q...
Best "4 person shanty"
Well the wife and I had a baby 6 months ago, and are already looking forward to some ice fishing! We have a camera,...
Minnow Head Storage
Been watching fishing vids to get my fix for ice ,n, the guys are using min. heads on spoons or jigs ,n, i swaer they...

more general topics
Anyone try something new on the ice this year?
My new favorite is frozen pizza in the oven or grilled cheese cooked on the woodstove. And 5hr energy makes those sleep les tournaments a lot more fun.lol
white perch fish fry
I fried up  a mess of white persh half-fillets last night.
Did the "coat with flour, dredge in buttermilk, coat with breadcrumbs (panko) and fries in canol...
more about hardwater cuisine
tip-up flag retaining and triggering.
What are some different ideas for homemade tip-up flag retaining and triggering. Post photos.
Transporting HT Polar Therms
 I've got one of those HT Polar Therm tip ups with the 500' foot spool and i can't find a good way to transport it. I us...
more ice fishing tips
Lowrance H2O c handheld gps. Anyone still using one?
Just bought one of these off ebay for 100 bucks supposedly in good working order. Pretty pumped to start marking brush...
Marcum rt9
Here it is the newest from marcum


more ice fishing electronics posts

IceShanty.com News

Once again it's that time of the year for the ice fishing picture contest to get under way!  [url=htt...
Iceshanty Militia new tassled earflap caps in the proshop
Just added the Iceshanty Militia tassled earflap caps to the gold militia package in the proshop!
Welcome Sebago Derby
Please give a welcome to the Sebago Derby. They will be sponsoring the ME boards for this season.
The Sebago Lake Rotary Derbyfest and Cumberland...
Welcome Charter The Berkshires
Please welcome Charter The Berkshires to the iceshanty MA boards.
Welcome LGFA
Give a welcome to The Lake George Fishing Alliance.  They will be sponsoring the NY boards on both www.myfishfinder.com and www.iceshanty.com for this season.
Iceshanty Ice Fishing Giveaways
Back by popular demand! Iceshanty Ice Fishing Giveaways!  Starting this week at some random time during the day a thread will be posted in the general forum. Th...
Ice Fishing Sales Event at FishUSA.com
Mid-Winter Ice Fishing Sales Event at FishUSA.com. (Jan. 15th) FISHUSA is planning a big FishUSA.com mid-winter ice fishing sales event. Look for great sale...
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