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Dec 01, 2015, 05:53 AM
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4 day weekend , hard water
Nils Sharpening
I'm looking at getting the 8" Nils auger for the new Clam Plate that I just got.  What I'm wondering is if the Nils cutt...
Chat Room
Not the first time, but  it's been a long time.

The chat room used to be a happenin place to get your icefis...

more general topics
How often is too often?
I try and make fish and chips twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday nights....But the more I read online the more I wonder how safe it is. Diabetes, heart...
Bluegill Frying Temperature
Someone help me out with the temperate and time on deep frying bluegill. Lately my bluegill fillets when frying turn on dehydrated. The breading is leathery...
more about hardwater cuisine
Frabill Arctic Siren (model 1678) **How to order**
Alright guys,  I also have been searching nonstop for these things.  Can't find them anywhere.  I have 3 of them but 2 o...
Welcome Deep Freeze Fishing
Please give a welcome to Deep Freeze Fishing. Makers of BlueTipz, the One...
more ice fishing tips
Marcum LX7 vs Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp
My head is ready to explode on trying to decide which unit to get. Fish all sorts of water from 8 feet for perch in SD...
A couple more ? on the FL-28
So Im thinking of upgrading to the FL-28 here is my main 2 concerns,
1-Screen is flat & I see no hard screen cov...
more ice fishing electronics posts

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Welcome Deep Freeze Fishing
Please give a welcome to Deep Freeze Fishing. Makers of BlueTipz, the One Shot Skimmer and more. They will be...
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