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Sep 28, 2016, 11:13 PM
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8" vs. 9" drill
I have a 2 h.p. Jiffy model 76 with a 9" blade.  I bought it back when I thought a 9" hole had to be superior to anythin...
Protect your lil buddy when you use it on hoes!
I can't make this up...

Thoughts on the Eskimo quick fish 3?
Hello everyone!
On a hunt for a new ice shelter and I am leaning towards the quickfish 3

Any info or...

more general ice fishing topics
Reuben's on a heater!
They're always a hit!  I premake them and wrap them in foil.  Always put the sour krout and thousand island between the cheese and corned beef so the bread does...
Serving size?
I have 27 crappies in the freezer from last weekend.  They are in the 9.5-12" class and are fillets.  I'm having a few people over for a fish fry and I'm trying...
more hardwater cuisine
box tip up
Box tip up. I have designed a lighting system that blinks as the fish swims away. You can count the blinks so you know...
How do you carry your tip ups?
I currently have and old Ash pack basket but it's starting to deteriorate and am looking for a new way to carry my tip...
more ice fishing tips
Fishhook Removal ! (from your body)
auger blade safety
Remember that your auger blades are very sharp. I sharpened mine today and didn't even feel the cut, but after seeing th...
more ice safety

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Ice Fishing Picture Contest
Yep it's time to cool down.
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Iceshanty Celebrating 20 Years
In the late summer of 1996. YES 20 years ago almost to this day! The idea of an Ice Shanty on the world wide web popped into my head. I knew a little about ice...
Fish307 - Hot Summer Savings Sale
Ice Fishing In July - Hot Summer Savings
Polar Bird Lifetime warranty on poles!
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Polar Bird Videos
Polar Bird  2016 Commercial

The Break Challenge
Fish307 Marcum Showdown Clearance
FISH307.com - Marcum Showdown Clearance
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Lindy Land Panfish And Walleye Pointers
The saga continues this weekend, as the cameras catch up with host Jon Thelen and fellow Lindy guide Jeff Sundin as they are hauling in crappies and sunfish...
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