Author Topic: Where did all the crappies go?????  (Read 1298 times)

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Where did all the crappies go?????
« on: Mar 12, 2008, 12:17 AM »
i have been fishing my area lake all season long this year and have become very familiar with it now that i have a camera i can see everything........anyw ays this is about what happened to them......i first found the nice big ones in 22 fow on the south side of the lake in the early part of the year, they then moved to the north side to 27 fow and we got them there for 2 or 3 wks and that was the end of it now after a long week of drilling roughly 1000+ holes again I found them this time in 25 fow or more suspended 5 ft off they were in this spot for 2 days and now again as of 2 days ago they moved once more.....the lake isnt all but 32 ft deep and there is a lot of drops and transitions from hard to soft bottom as well as rock piles and also there is an inlet the only flows in the spring on the north side and there is a dam on the south side.....the dam is where my most recent find was but like i said they where well thats a good question...... i am temted to try the north side in the morning because i keep reading that the north side of the lake warms faster and thats where they tend to go before they spawn......all in all after countless hours of drilling holes and running around with my flasher and camera i am still unable to find the slabs.... where could they have gone?????????????  you can find a topo map of this lake on the minnesota dnr website just click on lake finder and type in grove lake in pope county.... let me know where you think i should make my next move to....thanks for all the help  :tipup: :tipup:


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