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Author Topic: trout  (Read 11954 times)


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« on: Feb 08, 2008, 01:10 PM »
just wondering  hows the trout population in mass? you seem to have plenty of pike how about trout and salmon    :)thanks


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Re: trout
« Reply #1 on: Feb 08, 2008, 01:16 PM »
I've found trout and salmon. Check the Mass Wildlife site. Under the pond maps, you'll find what each pond/lake is stocked with. They're there, you just have to find them.
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Re: trout
« Reply #2 on: Feb 08, 2008, 02:18 PM »
There's plenty of trout and Salmon in Western MA and in the Berkshires.  Check mawildlife.  However, most people prefer to fish for bass and pike.  More action and better fight.  But trout through the ice are excellent to eat.  Small tackle and a lot of patients will prevail.
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Re: trout
« Reply #3 on: Feb 08, 2008, 06:36 PM »
so you dont have a lot of trout lakes? just pike and bass


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Re: trout
« Reply #4 on: Feb 08, 2008, 07:24 PM »
There's plenty of good trout fishing in Ma. State does a good job of putting plenty of trout into plenty of waters. There's quite a few good ponds that hold over stocked trout. Good enough numbers that there's no need to follow the stocking truck. Trout can be taken through the ice consistently if you know how and where.
Do a search on Google or go tp Ma fish & wildlife web site.


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Re: trout
« Reply #5 on: Feb 08, 2008, 07:30 PM »
Great lookin' trout mikez
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Re: trout
« Reply #6 on: Feb 08, 2008, 07:48 PM »
mass has a better stocking program than many other ne states.
check the stats. they do a great job


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Re: trout
« Reply #7 on: Feb 08, 2008, 09:32 PM »
Hey real nice looking fish  8)
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Re: trout
« Reply #8 on: Feb 08, 2008, 10:09 PM »
The cape have one of the better trout fishery. The deep kettle ponds can hold over trout from year to year. I have caught some big ones out of there.


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Re: trout
« Reply #9 on: Feb 09, 2008, 01:20 AM »
I fish in NY and Mass, and Mass beats NY in trout, hands down there is great fishing!


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Re: trout
« Reply #10 on: Feb 09, 2008, 02:00 AM »
Those are some very nice pics. Hope that you continue to post them.
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Re: trout
« Reply #11 on: Feb 09, 2008, 04:17 AM »
The only fish MA stocks are trout and Salmon

here is a list of stocked waters....

ADAMS Hoosic River (S. Branch)
ALFORD Green River
ASHFIELD Ashfield Pond, Clesson Brook (Upper Branch), South River, Swift River 
BECKET Greenwater Pond, Yokum Brook, Westfield River (W. Branch), Walker Brook
BLANDFORD Potash Brook
BUCKLAND Clesson Brook, Deerfield River 
CHARLEMONT Chickley River, Pelham Brook, Deerfield River, Cold River 
CHESHIRE Hoosic River (S. Branch), Dry Brook, South Brook 
CHESTER Littleville Lake, Walker Brook, Westfield River (Middle Branch), Westfield River (W. Branch)
CHESTERFIELD Westfield River (E. Branch), West Branch Brook 
CLARKSBURG Hoosic River (N. Branch), Hudson Brook
CUMMINGTON Westfield River (E. Branch), Swift River (N. Branch)
DALTON Sackett Brook, Housatonic River (E. Branch), Wahconah Falls Brook 
EGREMONT Green River
FLORIDA Deerfield River, North Pond, Cold River
GOSHEN Swift River, Upper Highland Lake
GRANVILLE Hubbard River 
GREAT BARRINGTON Green River, West Brook, Williams River, Mansfield Lake
HANCOCK Kinderhook Creek, Berry Pond
HAWLEY Chickley River 
HINSDALE Bennett Brook, Housatonic River (E. Branch), Plunkett Reservoir
HUNTINGTON Westfield River (E. Branch), Little River, Littleville Lake, Westfield River (W. Branch), Westfield River (Middle Branch), Norwich Lake, Westfield River, Knightville Impoundment 
LANESBOROUGH Town Brook, Pontoosuc Lake
LEE Beartown Brook, Goose Pond, Hop Brook, Greenwater Brook, Laurel Lake, Housatonic River, West Brook
LENOX Yokun Brook, Laurel Lake
MIDDLEFIELD Factory Brook, Westfield River (Middle Branch), Westfield River (W. Branch) 
MONTEREY Lake Buel, Lake Garfield, Konkapot River
MONROE Dunbar Brook, Sherman Reservoir
NEW MARLBORO Konkapot River, York Pond 
NORTH ADAMS Natural Bridge Pond, Windsor Lake 
OTIS Farmington River, Otis Reservoir, Big Benton Pond
PERU Trout Brook
PITTSFIELD Housatonic River (SW Branch), Sackett Brook, Onota Lake, Lake Pontoosuc 
RICHMOND Richmond Pond
ROWE Pelham Brook, Pelham Lake
RUSSELL Potash Brook, Westfield River 
SANDISFIELD Buck River, Clam River, Farmington River 
SAVOY Chickley River, Cold River, Westfield River (E. Branch) 
SHEFFIELD Konkapot River 
STOCKBRIDGE Larrywaug Brook, Stockbridge Bowl, Housatonic River
TYRINGHAM Hop Brook, Goose Pond Brook, Goose Pond 
WILLIAMSTOWN Hemlock Brook, Green River (W. Branch), Green River
WINDSOR Westfield River (E. Branch), Windsor Pond, Windsor Brook, Westfield Brook
WORTHINGTON Westfield River (Middle Branch), Little River, Bronson Brook, West Branch Brook 

CT Valley:
AMHERST Adams Brook, Fort River, Mill River, Cushman Brook, Factory Hollow Pond 
BELCHERTOWN Broad Brook, Jabish Brook, Scarboro Brook, Metacomet Lake, Swift River, Quabbin Reservoir 
BERNARDSTON Falls River, Shattuck Brook
BRIMFIELD Sherman Pond, East Brook, Little Alum Pond, Mill Brook, Quinebaug River, Fosgett Brook, Bean Pond, Quaboag River
CHICOPEE Chicopee Reservoir, Fuller Brook
COLRAIN North River, North River (W. Branch), Green River
CONWAY Bear River, Deerfield River, Mill River, Poland Brook, South River 
DEERFIELD Deerfield River, Mill River
EASTHAMPTON Broad Brook, Hannums Brook, Basset Brook, Manhan River, Manhan River (N. Branch), Nashawannuck Pond 
EAST LONGMEADOW Mill River (S. Branch)
ERVING Keyup Brook, Laurel Lake, Millers River 
GILL Dry Brook
GRANBY Bachelor Brook, DuFresne Pond 
GREENFIELD Allen Brook, Green River, Mill Brook
HADLEY Russellville Brook, Fort River, Mill River 
HAMPDEN Scantic River 
HOLLAND Stevens Brook, Holland Pond, Hamilton Reservoir, Quinebaug River 
HOLYOKE Broad Brook 
LEVERETT Doolittle Brook, Roaring Brook, Sawmill River 
LEYDEN Green River, Shattuck Brook
LUDLOW Broad Brook, Higher Brook, Chapin Pond, Chicopee River
MONSON Chicopee Brook, Conant Brook, Quaboag River
MONTAGUE Goddard Brook, Sawmill River, West Pond, Millers River 
NEW SALEM  Swift River (Middle Branch) 
NORTHFIELD Four Mile Brook, Mill Brook, Roaring Brook, Pauchaug Brook
ORANGE Tully Brook (W. Branch), Lake Mattawa, Orcutt Brook, Millers River
PALMER Quaboag River, Forest Lake, Swift River
PELHAM Amethyst Brook 
SHELBURNE Deerfield River, Dragon Brook 
SHUTESBURY Roaring Brook, Swift River, Swift River (W. Branch), Adams Brook, Lake Wyola, 
SOUTH HADLEY Bachelor Brook 
SOUTHWICK Munn Brook, Congamond Lakes (North & Middle Ponds) 
SPRINGFIELD Mill River (N. Branch), Mill River (S. Branch), Five Mile Pond, Lake Lorraine, Watershops Pond, Loon Pond 
SUNDERLAND Russellville Brook, Cranberry Pond, Mohawk Brook 
WALES Wales Brook
WARE Flat Brook, Muddy Brook, Swift River, Peppermill Pond, Ware River 
WESTFIELD Great Brook, Hampton Pond, Manhan River, Munn Brook, Powder Mill Brook, Westfield River
WESTHAMPTON Manhan River (N. Branch) 
WILLIAMSBURG Mill River, Bradford Brook, Mill River (W. Branch) 
WILBRAHAM Mill River (N. Branch), Spectacle Pond, Ninemile Pond 
WARWICK Tully Brook, Moss Brook, Moore Pond, Mill Brook, Orcutt Brook, Sheomet Pond, Laurel Lake 
WENDELL Lyons Brook, Osgood Brook, Millers River 
WHATELY West Brook, Mill River 

Central MA:
ASHBURNHAM Phillips Brook, Whitman River 
ATHOL Ellinwood Brook, West Brook, Tully River, Millers River, Silver Lake
BARRE Ware River, Ware River (W. Branch), Burnshirt River, Canesto Brook, Prince River 
BERLIN North Brook
BROOKFIELD Quacumquasit (South) Pond 
CHARLTON Little River
CLINTON Mossy Pond, Wachusett Reservoir, Lancaster Mill Pond
DOUGLAS Wallum Lake, Mumford River 
EAST BROOKFIELD Seven Mile River, Five Mile River
FITCHBURG Fallulah Brook, Phillips Brook, Wyman Pond Brook 
GARDNER Kendall Pond, Dunn Pond, Otter River 
GRAFTON Quinsigamond River 
HARDWICK Moose Brook, Danforth Brook, Hardwick Pond, Ware River 
HARVARD Bowers Brook 
HOLDEN Asnebumskit Brook, Quinepoxet River, Trout Brook
HUBBARDSTON Natty Pond Brook, Burnshirt River, Asnacomet Pond, Canesto Brook, Joslin Brook, Ware River (W. Branch and E. Branch) 
LANCASTER Fort Pond, Spectacle Pond, Bartlett Pond
LEOMINSTER Barrett's Pond
MENDON Muddy Brook, Mill River 
MILFORD Mill River, Louisa Lake 
MILLBURY Singletary Lake 
NORTHBORO Cold Harbor Brook, Assabet River
OAKHAM Parker Brook
OXFORD Carbuncle Pond, Little River, French River 
PETERSHAM Swift River (E. Branch), Fever Brook ( W. Branch), Connor's Pond 
PRINCETON Ware River (E., Branch), Keyes Brook, Stillwater River 
ROYALSTON Lawrence Brook, Priest Brook, Scott Brook, Millers River
RUTLAND Ware River, (E. Branch), Demond Pond, Whitehall Pond, Long Pond 
SHREWSBURY Lake Quinsigamond, Jordan Pond
SOUTHBRIDGE Keenan Brook, Lebanon Brook, Cady Brook
SPENCER Browning Pond, Seven Mile River, Turkey Hill Brook, Sugden Reservoir, Cranberry River, Howe Pond
STERLING Stillwater River, Justice Brook, W. Wauschaccum Pond 
STURBRIDGE Big Alum Pond, Quinebaug River, E. Brimfield Reservoir (Long Pond) 
SUTTON Singletary Lake 
UPTON Center Brook, Pratt Pond, West River 
UXBRIDGE West River 
WEBSTER Webster Lake
WEST BOYLSTON Quinapoxet River, Wachusett Reservoir 
WESTMINSTER Phillips Brook, Wyman Pond Brook, Crow Hill Pond 
WINCHENDON Millers River, Tarbell Brook, Lake Dennison, Priest Brook 
WORCESTER Lake Quinsigamond, Coes Pond, Bell Pond 

Northeastern MA:
ACTON Nashoba Brook, Fort Pond Brook 
AMESBURY Powow River
ANDOVER Shawsheen River 
ASHBY Locke Brook, Willard Brook, Trap Fall Brook, Souhegan River (S. Branch), Pearl Hill Brook, Upper Wright's Pond 
ASHLAND Ashland Reservoir, Sudbury River
AYER Bennett Brook, Sandy Pond 
BEDFORD Shawsheen River
BELLINGHAM Peters River, Stall Brook
BILLERICA Shawsheen River 
BOSTON Jamaica Pond 
BOXBOROUGH Guggins Brook 
BOXFORD Fish Brook, Pye Brook, Stiles Pond, Parker River, Baldpate Pond 
BROOKLINE Brookline Reservoir 
CANTON Ponkapoag Brook, Massapoag Brook 
CARLISLE River Meadow Brook
CHELMSFORD River Meadow Brook, Stony Brook, Crooked Spring Brook 
CONCORD Walden Pond, White Pond 
DANVERS Ipswich River 
DOVER Trout Brook, Charles River 
DRACUT Richardson Brook, Beaver Brook 
DUNSTABLE Unkety Brook, Salmon Brook, Massapoag Pond
ESSEX Alewife Brook
FOXBORO Wading River 
FRAMINGHAM Lake Cochituate
FRANKLIN Miscoe Brook, Uncas Pond, Dix Brook 
GEORGETOWN Pentucket Pond, Parker River, Penn Brook, Rock Pond 
GLOUCESTER Strangman Pond (Cape Ann Sportsmen's Club)
GROTON Cow Pond Brook, Baddacook Pond, Unkety Brook, Knops Pond, Squannacook River 
GROVELAND Parker River 
HAMILTON Ipswich River 
HAVERHILL Little River, Saltonstall (Plug) Lake, East Meadow Brook, Lake Pentucket, Millvale Reservoir 
HOLLISTON Boggastow Brook 
HOPKINTON Hopkinton Reservoir, Whitehall Reservoir, Sudbury River
HUDSON Hog Brook, Danforth Brook 
IPSWICH Bull Brook, Dow Brook, Ipswich River 
LEXINGTON Lexington Reservoir 
LITTLETON Beaver Brook, Bennett Brook 
LYNN Sluice Pond 
LYNNFIELD Ipswich River 
MEDFIELD Vine Brook, Mine Brook, Mill Brook
MEDWAY Hopping Brook, Charles River
MILLIS Charles River 
MILTON Pine Tree Brook, Houghton's Pond 
METHUEN Bartlett Brook, Forest Lake, Spickett River 
MIDDLETON Ipswich River, Boston Brook
NATICK Charles River, Dug Pond, Lake Cochituate
NEEDHAM Needham Reservoir 
NEWBURY Parker River, Mill River 
NEWTON Crystal Lake 
NORTH ANDOVER Mosquito Brook, Berry Pond, Boston Brook 
NORFOLK Charles River, Mill River 
NORTH READING Ipswich River 
NORWOOD Traphole Brook 
PEABODY Ipswich River 
PEPPERELL Sucker Brook, Nissitissit River, Unkety Brook 
PLAINVILLE Ten Mile River 
READING Ipswich River 
ROWLEY Batchelder Brook, Mill River 
SAUGUS Griswald Pond
SHARON Beaver Brook, Massapoag Brook, Lake Massapoag 
SHIRLEY Catacoonamaug Brook, Mulpus Brook, Squannacook River, Mirror Lake (Devens)
STOW Assabet Brook 
TEWKSBURY Shawsheen River, Strongwater Brook 
TOPSFIELD Howlett Brook, Ipswich River, Pye Brook, Fish Brook
TOWNSEND Walker Brook, Squannacook River, Bixby Brook, Witch Brook, Willard Brook, Mason Brook, Locke Brook, Pearl Hill Brook, Trap Fall Brook
WENHAM Pleasant (Idlewood) Pond 
WESTFORD Long Sought for Pond, Stony Brook 
WESTON Stony Brook, Cherry Brook 
WEYMOUTH Whitman Pond, Old Swamp River
WILMINGTON Ipswich River, Shawsheen River, Silver Lake 
WESTWOOD Buckmaster Pond, Storrow Pond
WOBURN Horn Pond 
WRENTHAM Eagle Brook, Lake Pearl 

Southeastern MA, Cape cod
ACUSHNET Acushnet River 
ATTLEBORO Bungay River 
BARNSTABLE Hathaway Pond, Shubael Pond, Marstons Mill River, Lovell's Pond, Bridge Creek, Hamblin Pond 
BREWSTER Cliff Pond, Flax Pond, Sheep Pond, Higgins Pond, Stony Brook, Little Cliff Pond 
CHATHAM Goose Pond, Schoolhouse Pond 
DARTMOUTH Shingle Island River 
DENNIS Scargo Lake 
DIGHTON Segregansett River 
EASTHAM Herring Pond
FALMOUTH Ashumet Pond, Coonamesset River, Mares Pond, Grews Pond, Deep Pond 
FREETOWN Rattlesnake Brook, Ledge Pond
HANOVER Third Herring Brook, Indian Head River
HANSON Shumatuscacant River, Indian Head River, Poor Meadow Brook 
HINGHAM Plymouth River, Weir River
KINGSTON Furnace Brook (Soules Pond), Jones River 
MANSFIELD Wading River, Canoe River
MASHPEE Johns Pond, Mashpee-Wakeby Pond, Ashumet Pond 
MATTAPOISETT Mattapoisett River 
NORTH ATTLEBORO Falls Pond (Southern Basin), Whiting Pond
NORWELL Second Herring Brook
PEMBROKE Herring Brook, Indian Head River
PLYMOUTH Beaver Dam Brook, Long Pond, Town Brook, Little Pond, Eel River, Fearings Pond, Russell Pond, Sawmill Pond, Big Sandy Pond, Fresh Pond, Lout Pond 
PLYMPTON Barrows Brook, Winnetuxet River 
OAK BLUFFS Upper Lagoon Pond 
ORLEANS Crystal Lake, Baker Pond 
REHOBOTH Palmer River, Rocky Run River
ROCHESTER Doggetts Brook, Mary's Pond 
SANDWICH Spectacle Pond, Peters Pond, Scorton Creek, Hoxie Pond, Pimlico Pond, Mashpee-Wakeby Pond
SCITUATE Bound Brook, Tack Factory Pond
SWANSEA Coles Brook, Lewin Brook
TAUNTON Segregansett River 
TRURO Great Pond, Pamet River
WAREHAM Agawam River
WESTPORT Westport River (E. Branch), Bread and Cheese Brooks 
WEST TISBURY Old Mill Pond, Seth's Pond, Duarte Pond 

MA is real good at stocking the trout, wish they would stock other species limits the fishing...would love to see a walleye and Pike program like CT has.   


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Re: trout
« Reply #12 on: Feb 09, 2008, 07:12 AM »
Try out Onota or berry Pond if Trout is what your after. A friend of mine took a 5lb 1 ounce RB Trout out of Onota this fall. :)


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