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Corey D.

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light bite help
« on: Jan 09, 2004, 08:47 PM »
Hello!  Anyone have tips for light bitting pike?  It seems the pike just sit there and suck on the bait or run a few feet and drop it.  We're using suckers,shiners,dace, and lines that spool freely.  Anybody have a solution?


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Re:light bite help
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 2004, 09:37 PM »
When this happens to me, I rig up my hooks with stingers, but I don't use the factory made ones when pike fishing. I take a small treble hook + attach it to my hook, using snare wire (unbiteable). Have the treble the distance from your hook as the length of the bait being used. Have the head of your bait on the hook + the treble thru the tail. Soon as you get a hit, you can set the hook.

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Re:light bite help
« Reply #2 on: Jan 12, 2004, 07:52 PM »
hey corey speak of the devil i was out sunday and i had neat experience. throught the begging of this year the pike hadnt been very aggresive just like u said take the bait and munch then drop. so i start experimenting and i found a quick strike rig with a smaller treble in the front and a biger in the dorsal. but be careful on how far apart u put the treble because i was rebaiting this weekend in about 3 feet of water and a average pike 15 lbs aleast came by and look as i was dropping the 7 inch dead minnow down the hole once it was set he came at it slow, and grabbed it by the head and spit it out. then i thought he left so i started jigging he reapear but the bait was sorta floating on its side. the pike changed his direction and hit it fron the side i never knew a pike would do that becasue ive never caught one with the smelt sideways and my trebles were to far apart  :( >:(and he didnt get either becasue the pike was bitting so lightly it only used the tip of his mouth. i learnt alot from seeing this big lazy pike try and feed. even a big pikes mouth isnt 7 inches across. i think its all on how u bait up with the trebles and how u fight them when there bitting like that i always watch the reel on my tip up and they normally go a bit and then start to eat it then they get the hook and u wana be there when they get the hooks and when they start to strip line set the hook and u know the rest..... i hope.


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