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Four Rainbows On January 4th - Sweet Success!!
« on: Jan 05, 2004, 04:42 PM »

What an incredible day. It all started when Steve H. invited myself, Big Daddy Nipps and Venzulo to go ice fishing. We were all skeptical about the ice. I knew the melt would be slow after the early freeze, but the rain and warm temperatures still made the conditions very questionable. We arrived to our destination at 6:30am. After a quick chisel test we realized there was 4-5” of hard ice. Plenty o’ the hard stuff, that’s all we needed to know. Steve H. and I managed to drill out 20-25 new holes by hand in about 30 minutes. I just bought a brand new 6” handheld auger and she sliced through the ice like it was warm butter. Venzulo found some fresh holes that had already been fished that morning!! Someone was motivated.

Then we sat. The entire group was comprised of, Steve H, Venzulo, Steve’s younger brother Mark, a gentleman who’s name I forgot, and myself, Big Daddy Nipps. By 9am we were still flagless. Then, out of nowhere, Venzulo started to tell us that his eggs were disappearing. “Guys, I keep dropping eggs down this hole and they keep disappearing.” At first we though somebody had been hitting the Blackberry Brandy a little to hard. Before long we were all gathered around this little 6” hole watching Venzulo drop eggs down and then watching the eggs disappear. All you’d see is a flash and sand swirling and then the egg would be gone. It wasn’t long before we were dropping eggs down with the jig pole. Venzulo was having a hard time setting the hook because the fish kept sweeping through at lightning speed. That was when I retraced my steps and baited a few of my traps with eggs also. Within minutes I was fighting the first fish if the day. Before long I proudly displayed a 15” Rainbow with some beautiful color patterns. I released the little guy and off he swam to be caught again. About twenty minutes later, Venzulo had flag. Before long we realized he was fighting another feisty Rainbow. After what seemed like an endless battle, Venzulo iced and released an angry 14” Rainbow.

Then some time passed by, like it has a tendency to do on the ice. I was happily surprised to meet Tim Miller who stopped by to see how we were doing and say, “Hi”. Around 11:30 one of Steve’s tip-ups started to dance. Within minutes Steve’s buddy iced our third Bow. This 16inch fatty, was by far, the biggest Bow of the day. Once again we released the Bow without a problem. An hour or so after that, one of the deep flags went up. We’d already had about five wind flags up to this point, so I didn’t even bother to get up (Veteran’s Never Flinch). Mark went hauling ass over to the trap and the line was a spoolin’. Within minutes, Mark landed the fourth Rainbow of the day. I didn’t get to see the size of this Bow but it looked similar to the others, within the 14”-15” range. This one was taken on a small shiner. Everyone in the group had a huge smile on their face. The only person who hadn’t caught a rainbow up to that point was Steve H. Nonetheless, he was fired up to see everybody icing ’nice sized Bows. At around 1pm Venzulo and I packed it up. The ice was starting to melt and we kept hearing loud cracking sounds when to many people gathered around a single hole.

Steve H. might have more to add to this story because he, his brother and their friend stayed and muscled out the afternoon. What a great morning. I’m sorry that I didn’t mention our location. Several members of our group requested that I leave out the specifics of our trip. As a hint though, the Lake we fished is located in Southern New Hampshire and it rhymes with slow.

Brian Knippers – Big Daddy Nipps – PLOD04

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