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P Gottshall

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Homemade Hali Rig
« on: Dec 24, 2003, 11:30 AM »
Last year I got turned on to "Hali's".  A Halis has a small (1in - 11/2in) in-line vertical blade, with a small 1 1/2in chain hanging from it to a hook.  Here's a pic:

The idea is the blade creates flash to attract fish in, & then the live-bait on the hook gets 'em.  I don't know why I started using, but once I did, these did great for me on Crappies & 'gills.

Late last season, when I'd lost 'em all, I made a cheap imitation which seemed to work just as well.  I fastened a small walleye on a blade on a clevis 3in above a single hook, with a tied-bead to keep it there.  As I jig, the blade spins.  Works great & cheap.  I can afford to lose these.

Anyone else tried anything similar?

Good luck,


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