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11 Mile Management Plan and DOW Emails!
« on: Feb 09, 2007, 07:10 PM »
In response to the 11 Mile Management Plan, I sent an email to the Colorado DOW asking why ice fishermen shouldnít be allowed to use multiple tip ups to help control the northern population in 11 Mile. I explained I have never caught anything on a tip up baited with sucker meat other than a northern so try this one.

Here is the first reply:
The regulations are set by the wildlife commission and the total number of fishing rods/tip-up is two.  The use of more then two rods/tip-ups runs the risk of catching other species then northern pike.
Have a nice day.

With that response, I replied:

So how do I address my ideas to the wildlife commission? As far as catching other species other than northerns, isn't that what limits are for?

This is the reply I received:

You can write the wildlife commission at:
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Attn: Wildlife Commission
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO  80216
As for other species, yes that is what the limits are for, however, you have six tip-up and you are allowed only four of another species and five of the six tip-ups hook that species of four, now your are in violation of bag and possession limits.
Have a nice day.

What a crock of bull!! To which I replied:

So your saying if you have three of a species caught that has a four fish limit you can then only fish with one line even though you have a second rod stamp? I think not! You need to read the reg's closer. Reg's state, "Fish caught and placed on a stringer, in a container or live well, or not returned to the water immeadiately count in your daily bag or possession limit."

Havenít received a response since my last email, but will keep everyone informed when I do. I am forwarding all of this to Wildlife Commission. Iím tired of settling for lame brush offs like this!

After reading the following is portions of the management plan, I hope others take time to email their ideas.

January 2001
Gregory W. Gerlich, Fisheries Biologist, NE Aquatic Section

Full Version Available at

The Wildlife Commission enacted an emergency special fishing regulation in November 1999 that removed the size restriction on northern pike. This change was prompted by evidence that northern pike were over-populated at Spinney Mountain Reservoir (6.1 miles upstream from Eleven Mile Reservoir) and were consuming most of the trout stocked during the last three years. Concern that the same situation could develop at Eleven Mile Reservoir, and to lessen potential angler confusion, led to the recommendation for changing the special fishing regulations on northern pike at both reservoirs. Effective January 1, 2001, the Wildlife Commission lifted bag and possession limits for northern pike statewide.

Northern pike stomach analysis at Eleven Mile Reservoir for 1999 and 2000 indicated 46% contained Rainbow Trout, 50% were empty, and 4% other contents.

The biggest management change occurred with the first introduction of northern pike to help control white and longnose suckers and carp. Since then, trying to successfully recruit trout past northern pike and avian predators on an annual basis has been a challenge for fishery managers. The reproductive success and recruitment (young pike surviving until 2 years of age) of northern pike at Eleven Mile Reservoir has been moderate to high on an annual basis since 1984. However, anglers have shown a higher tendency to harvest northern pike at Eleven Mile than at some other reservoirs (42 percent of anglers surveyed in 1994 indicated that they would harvest a pike under 20 inches). Ice fishing is allowed at Eleven Mile Reservoir and the number of anglers targeting northern pike through the ice has increased over the last several years. This added harvest helps control pike numbers at Eleven Mile Reservoir and should be encouraged.

Even though we expect to lose some trout to the northern pike each year, we feel that the northern pike/prey ratio at Eleven Mile Reservoir is not yet unmanageable.

Eleven Mile Reservoir has presented fishery managers with challenging fish community dynamics for over 40 years. Currently, concern centers around the self-sustaining northern pike population and the decline of the kokanee fishery. Northern pike populations that overpopulate and exceed available food resources can quickly destroy the potential to manage trout and other popular sportfish species. Encouraging angler harvest of northern pike should continue through public information/education efforts. Examination of northern pike diet and growth rate should continue annually. Efforts to obtain more kokanee salmon for stocking should be increased.

Fish community assessments and characteristics will continue to be documented at Eleven Mile Reservoir. Public input will be welcomed and angler education/information efforts will continue regarding management of the sport-fishery. Anglers will continue to be informed of the results regarding the success of selected management alternative(s).

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Re: 11 Mile Management Plan and DOW Emails!
« Reply #1 on: Feb 09, 2007, 10:50 PM »
I am forwarding all of this to Wildlife Commission. Iím tired of settling for lame brush offs like this!

  Unfortunately I would expect more of the same.  From my own experience and what I gathered from others, I'm surprised you even had a response.  I don't even bother trying to email if I have a question I call the denver main office.  Ive spoke with a southpark area biologist a couple times actually a real nice guy and very informative, but I dont think it would help in this case.  Thanks for this post,  always good to know what they're up to.  Keep us posted

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Re: 11 Mile Management Plan and DOW Emails!
« Reply #2 on: Feb 15, 2007, 11:30 PM »
The CWC meets publicly a few times a year and hears the public at the meetings and you can write the commissioners at anytime. 


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