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Author Topic: Bait Shops In Hudson Valley on Poughkeepsie Side Of River  (Read 1078 times)


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Hey Guys,

Just wondering if there is anybody carrying bait right now on the east side of the river in northern westchester, putnam, or dutchess counties and possibly even lower columbia co. carrying decent bait.  I'm looking for some icecicles, perch bait (cup bait), or some smallish shiners.  I haven't even checked out any of the shops yet down here yet, fish 307 up in Lake George (my hometown) said they were having some difficulty with the new regs, so I figure it would be even worse down here.  I work in westchester unfortunatley, so am restricted to what ice we have down here right now, I know there is some and will be checking it out on Saturday this cold weather tonight should really lock things up tight.



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