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Author Topic: Healy first timer...  (Read 791 times)

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Healy first timer...
« on: Jan 21, 2007, 09:58 PM »
Intro: Been in Wyo since late '89 after moving in from SE Kansas. A long time bassin' man, complete with local/regional tournies, slab crappie luvr, and trotlining for 30+lb flathead and blue cats. Fishin' strip pits, farm ponds, larger reservoirs, creeks and rivers. Duck, deer and quail huntin' with a touch of pheasants every other year or so.

Once into Wyo, I converted my "old" Super 60 Flasher to an ice unit (I kept it after an upgrade to one of the first Lowrance LCD units on my bass boat to use on my john boats and 2-man Scamp w/trolling motor).

About two or three times during the winter I'd hit DeSmet and rack up the bo's. Nothing fancy mind you. Hand auger, wimpy stick, a few jigs and my 60. Nice days, good ice and biting fish.

Got married a year ago after 'dating' for a few years and haven't been out until last week. Yeah I know, I know... But I did get out finally! And I'm lovin' it more now then I did then.

To the point... Hit DeSmet with a friend last Wednesday, ice was good, a few others were out there, and we did move around but never saw any action on the flasher, nor saw anyone else yankin' out any. So to Buffalo we go for a hot meal at Pistol Pete's Cafe (hot beef sammich, word!). Afterwards my buddy had to leave so I decided to check out Healy since I've never been there, just to see where it was and how it looked.

There were shacks on the ice and people over holes so I decided to drop a line. Using small jigs and Swedish Pimples tipped with meal worms and/or power baits, I managed to have quite a bit of action. The question is.... are all the perch so small there?

I did land 4/5 nice ones but was mugged by 3-4 inchers.

Any bait or tactic advice would be much appreciated. Healy isn't a large as I thought it might of been but I think it could be a great fishery.

I've been googling and happened across this site full of fellow Wyo'ers and am looking forward to spending some time here and learning more of the hard water tactics. I'm already looking at a Trap and power auger for next season!

Ya'll have a good week. I'm headin' to Vegas this Wednesday for some R&R then onto Kansas City for three weeks. But I'll be checkin' in!



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