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Order from Thorne Bros.
« on: Nov 10, 2003, 04:12 PM »
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know i made an order from them 2 weekends ago and if i hadnt wanted to wait for an order it would be here by now. But when i emailed them about them they were very nice and courtius (Sp?)  and when i asked them on tactics they gave me the low down. Great service, I ordered some new genz worms and some rocker minnows hopefully ill get them friday! Anyone ever use the genz worm and/or the rocker minnow. I plan on using the genz worm for crappie and the rockers for 'eyes. If anyone has used them please let me know how to use them /jiggin tips anything. I must say though The service at ThorneBros. Is awsome.


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Re:Order from Thorne Bros.
« Reply #1 on: Nov 11, 2003, 04:50 PM »
That's good to hear, I plan to buy my new strikemaster from thorne brothers, they have free shipping on power augers!


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