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Frabill Ultra lite
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The MSS seat system is standard on all Rangers but an option on the ultra lite.
Does anybody out there use a Frabill Ultra Lite one man shack?  Found quite a good deal on one  ;D, but not sure if it's going to be tough enough for full season use with the nylon cover.   They talk about using it in early and late ice conditions.  Any input is appreciated.
Rob V:
Perchmeister, there's been a couple of threads on the subject of the Frabill units including the ultra lite. See the thread under general chit chat headed up "frabill ranger solo or ultralite" - there's a few fellas there that seem like they're very happy with their units.  I think its like anything else, if you use it for what it was designed for it'll do the trick.  I just bought one and  I expect it will suit me just fine.  Mind you I'm not able to get out fishing every day (darned working for a living) nor do I spend nights on the ice. The unit looks sturdy enough, but I don't think I'd expect it to stand up very well to 60 mph winds that type of extreme condition.

Rob V
I know the thread is old, but I'll bump it up. Seems like alot of people do not like the Frabills. Granted some do, but a good majority dont. Personally, my XLtwin is awsome. And at this point, I am thinking of leaving the MSS seating system at home and saving 25lbs. of pull. I do like the roominess and the fact that it is black (heat absorbing). With my new set of UHMW runners I put on it, the sled should last forever. Frabill also has great customer service when I talked to them about which model I needed.

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--- Quote from: fooman on Dec 05, 2003, 11:11 PM ---All the Ranger models have the new seat Except the Ultra Lite. Bought 1 today. Compared to the Scout it is bigger.

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According to the Frabill webite all Ranger models made for the 2003-2004 ice season have the MSS optional seating including the lite.

#1706 Modular Seat System for Ultra-Lite Shelters.
Allows MSS to be added to Frabill Ultra-Lite shelter. Fits Frabill Ultra-Lite models manufactured beginning in 2003. Includes seat base, swivel bucket seat, aluminum seat support, and hardware

--- End quote ---

Those seats are heavy and cumbersome..... :(
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