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Author Topic: New member from PA looking for ice conditions at DeRuyter Res in NY  (Read 333 times)

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Hi everyone.  New member here from northeast PA.  :)  Last I heard about 2 weeks ago, there was both fishable ice and open water at DeRuyter Res.  Just wondering if anyone has current ice conditions they can share, maybe the res is finally locked up.  Thanks.


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Now that you've posted once, you should be able to get to the conditions board. I'm doing the same thing here as I haven't been on this page in YEARS!

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No new post on "Reports and Conditions" page in over 2 years. I drove by last week and it looked mostly frozen. Geese still had one spot opened and a few guys were fishing the south end. New ice is probably sketchy and old ice is thicker. Spud, Spud, Spud.

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