Author Topic: Wow, the fishing has been least where I've been in Keweenaw Bay.  (Read 1104 times)

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Not sure if any or all of you fishing Keweenaw Bay are having much luck in the last two weeks.  Personally, it has been near zero for me.  I fish for anything and everything in the bay, except for deep water lakers.  Not only have I not been catching much, but not marking or seeing much either (camera).  Not looking for your personal fishing spots or that kind of info, but just how has everyone been doing and what kind  of fish?  Another week of cold weather next week, so the ice will be good for weeks to come, hopefully.   Fished off the L'anse shore today in 18 FOW and other than a few herring going by, nothing.  The ice in that location was about 15-17 inches.

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I can agree, itís been poor. Iíve had some success with burbot but theyíre all hovering around 18-22Ē nothing bigger. Only 1-4 fish trips and I fish from 6:30-11


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