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Author Topic: MDNR seeks walleye catch info from southwest and southcentral lower peninsula  (Read 5847 times)

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The MDNR- Plainwell office is seeking walleye catch information from Wabasis, Lincoln, Bills, Selkirk, Crockery, Sessions, Cedar and Lake of the Woods (Van Buren) and Osterhaut Lakes. Fish length and any fin clip info can help us determine age, growth rates and survival of these stocked fish. Sex of the fish is also helpful. (click to enlarge poster below) Along with fisheries surveys, angler catches are used in the decision making process for continued stocking. The need for angler catch reports can't be stressed enough, especially on the smaller lakes (>400 acres) listed above and below. These reports don't go into the DNR's weekly fishing reports. When looking for a fin clip, one of the ventral fins will be completely or partially gone. Sometimes a portion may remain and often looks deformed or curled. Length and clip information from sub-legal fish from these lakes is also appreciated as long as they go back in the water 🙂. Pictures from belly side are very helpful for the fin clip/no fin clip info also.

Other lakes that we are very interested in hearing catch reports from are Duck Lake (Calhoun), Portage Lake (Jackson), Long, Palmer, Klinger and Clear (St. Joseph), Diamond and Big Fish lake (Cass), Crystal Lake (Montcalm), Paw Paw lake (Berrien), along with Fine and Gun Lake (Barry). Walleye stocked in these lakes may also have fin clips. Some of these lakes listed above have been stocked with spring fingerling walleye for many years prior to switching to fall fingerling plants.

MDNR phone number for Sarah is 269-685-6853 and email is [email protected]

In addition to our solely operated MDNR walleye ponds, many ponds are operated with the help and financial assistance of angler groups including the West Michigan Walleye Club, White Lake Area Sportsfishing Association, Holland Fish and Game Club and the Gun Lake Protective Association.

These reports don't go into the DNR's weekly fishing reports


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