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Author Topic: This used to be my favorite website. Things really Died down. What happened?  (Read 6394 times)

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Great post ryan! I have no doubt in my mind that my spud has saved my life on multiple occasions due to late reason rapidly deteriorating ice conditions, or spring holes on lakes that soften the ice that we passed over safely on the way out, and turn them into 1 punch death traps. I'll never leave my house without my spud or my ice picks for my neck. If we are on safety for the moment, an overlooked thing can be a dry set of clothes in your car. If you do happen to get wet and are able to get out of the water, those clothes will be cold, wet, and continuously trying to put you into hypothermia. A dry set of clothes in the car can be critical in preventing you or someone else from slipping into hypothermia, even after theyre removed from the lake.

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I canít even. In the end plain and simple it is common sense. I truly think you are lecturing the wrong crowd. I think on this site we all get it.


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