Author Topic: FIRST ICE of 2021-2022 season, Happy Turkey Day  (Read 341 times)

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FIRST ICE of 2021-2022 season, Happy Turkey Day
« on: Nov 25, 2021, 10:31 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you enjoy the day with your family and eat some good food!!

Yesterday, the GF and I got out to scout for ice and found some decent ice to fish...We fished 6-12 FOW and were mostly on 3" - 4" of ice. All of the fish came from the 7FOW range and that was where there was only 3" of ice lol...The GF was a little nervous as this was her first time ever ice fishing and she tried to not go on that thinner ice...After seeing me catch several fish, she braved it and got her first ever ice trout😀 We got some fun shots of the fish swimming away under the ice too!

15 Degrees was the high for the day and lots of gusts of wind made it a bit nippy...Probably not the best first time to take my GF on the ice but it was a fun experience either way above 10K on the mountains! Hope you enjoy the video and pictures!


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