Author Topic: Its 95' outside, perfect time to start modifying my one man build!  (Read 601 times)

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Hope everyone is having a great open water season!

When I'm not in my boat, I'm starting to build my one man for this upcoming 2021/2022 season.

Figured I'd share what I've done up until this point and provide parts list if anyone see's something they like.

My goal is to keep this as light as possible. Ive already got a big thermal pop up for when family and friends come, this is for when I go solo.

Would love to hear some suggestions from guys who run 1 man flips as to what else I can add or modify that has worked well for you.

Products used so far:
1- Eskimo Quickflip1:
2- Clam corner console:
3- Clam sled organizer (Large):
3- Magnetic light bar with sunlight sensor: Random hardware store buy.
3- Industrial Velcro:
4- Foam mat: any big box store
5- Eskimo hyfax kit:

Packaging and dis assembly.

Assembly of frame and brackets

Canvas install

Velcro modification to cut down on wind/snow blowing in under the skirt. I just used some power pro fishing line to make sure it stays on the canvas.

Clam Console and Sled organizer. If you were curious, the Large size sled organizer can hold 3X plano 3700 tackle trays in the sid pocket and 2X 3600 size trays in the front pocket. Along with the 2 1lbs propane tank holders.

I've got more to share on this but I will end it here for now.

Im thinking next steps of build will be some type of diy auger rack.

Perhaps adding 1 or 2 spreader poles also for those very windy days.

Take care and tight lines fellas.


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