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Author Topic: K-Drill/DeWalt Season 4 Update  (Read 177 times)

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K-Drill/DeWalt Season 4 Update
« on: Feb 25, 2021, 02:12 PM »
Nearing the end of the 4th full ice fishing season using a DeWalt DCD996 drill and K-Drill 8 (actual 7.5") auger/bit. I am very satisfied with the convenience and performance of the combo, it all works great for my purposes.

The (original) K-Drill blades have seen plenty of use and abuse, which includes re-drilling holes inside hardside shacks. Although I'm able to touch them up sufficiently without having to ship to the US for the free re-sharpening, I've just ordered a new set.

Two 5Ah batteries were included with the original DeWalt kit. I purchased an additional 2-pack of the DeWalt 9Ah batteries and donated one to my son. Although the 5Ah batteries work fine enough, the newer 9Ah definitely provides greater and more constant torque ... let's call it 'staying power'.

Over the past couple of days I drilled just short of 600 inches of ice on one full charge of the 9Ah battery, it gave up while drilling the 20th hole in 30" of ice.
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