Author Topic: Current ice..slopfest. how long will she hold  (Read 1902 times)

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Re: Current ice..slopfest. how long will she hold
« Reply #30 on: Feb 22, 2021, 10:08 PM »
Nice mess Hex, glad you found some!  Gonna try the midday bite tomorrow against my better judgment.   Limited time left, fat lady is warming up.

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Re: Current ice..slopfest. how long will she hold
« Reply #31 on: Feb 23, 2021, 05:15 AM »
Nice batch of gills, Hex 👍

Doing the same here, RoeBoat. Gonna head straight to the pond I checked yesterday after work today and have a sit for an hour or two if I can still get out onto the ice. I typically hate fishing open ice, but it's supposed to be 44 here, so I won't have to worry about anything icing up or my hands getting cold.

Way too warm to risk sinking the fish house, so I'm just bringing minimal gear and one rod. I only ever fish one line anyway, but I typically bring a few rods with different rigs. I'll just be using a bobber over waxie tipped jig today, which has had mixed effectiveness lately, so I'm expecting a fairly low catch count.

Gotta take advantage of these last few days of ice, though. I really do expect all the local ponds around here to be ice free by the end of this week as fast as everything is melting off now.


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