Author Topic: Converting Your Helix 5/7 to Ice Fishing & Best Hardwater Settings  (Read 315 times)

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Everything you need to know to go from open water to hardwater with details on best settings for using your sonar/flasher.

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Just converted my Helix 7 to hardwater but experimented this summer on open water.
Biggest pain in the ass I had/see is that when you switch from one mode to the other it "forgets" all you settings.
Yep Humminbird knows about it.
Spend all summer getting it "tuned" in then switch modes and it's all gone, damn!
One huge feature with the newer models is the ability to contour map (Bathymetric Maps)! Have to drill a few holes or map it in the summer from your boat.

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My Helix does the same, but when I switch back to open water mode they are unchanged from the previous summer.
It seems to go from zero to hero all some have to do is lie.


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