Author Topic: Built a Custom Zip Sled (Smitty) It Flies In Deep Snow  (Read 594 times)

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In the event you're not an Alberta Outdoors member, my latest garage engineered project.

Modified my sled, swapped out the CC skies for wider Downhill skis, made it wider from 28" to 32", reduced the weight of the sled by modifying the risers & connecting struts, had some 3/8" plywood, built a Flat Deck top & picked up some 1" electrical conduit and designed a removable rear push bar. Can use the flat deck less weight or my Pelican 60 ad's about 45 lbs extra weight. Applied some ski wax now my Zip Sled flies in deep snow, field test it and it's a success.  I should add it was much easier going home pushing the sled I was able to stay in the same ski tracks. That wasn't the case the other day when I was pulling my fully loaded Pelican. For those who use a Smitty it's easier to push my sled than my golf cart.

Some pic's ... Cheers


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Re: Built a Custom Zip Sled (Smitty) It Flies In Deep Snow
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Nice work, this looks awesome


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