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Author Topic: New Member, Gear suggestions?  (Read 1783 times)

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New Member, Gear suggestions?
« on: Mar 25, 2020, 02:38 PM »
New member, but not new to ice fishing! I posted this in the general chat too, I did not realize there was an equipment chat. Been ice fishing a long time albeit I donít get out as often as I could and donít know a lot about gear. This year that changed, been trying to get out a lot and still 2-3 feet of ice in most places right now where I live. Iím in the market for a new auger/gear, late in the season for sure but getting setup for next year! Looking at getting into a drill/hand auger combo to replace my Eskimo gas auger. Currently I have 3 options Iíve narrowed down to, I live in Canada and with this stuff going on resources are limited to get gear out of the states, that being said Iíve found a used Nils 8Ē auger(42Ē) and pointed head for $75CAD, was mounted to an old Tanaka so without saying it doesnít come with a handle and it doesnít come with a blade cover. Blades look great but they are rusty(would cost roughly $200CAD extra after shipping to get a new handle, blade cover and drill adapter from Nils). Total ~$275 for the Nils said and done that is if the blades donít need touched up. Other options Iím looking at are a Fin-BoreIII(Full setup brand new with adapter $150CAD shipped to my door) and lastly my final option is a new Strikemaster Lite Flite, I found one on sale right now for $280CAD all said and done shipped to my door. So is the used Nils auger worth the extra effort and cost? Fin-Bore is the cheapest and arguably more durable/easier to maintain setup at the cost of about 2Lbs heavier(compared to Lite Flite)and itís shorter being matched with a cordless drill(shorter flighting as well if that matters). Strikemaster was designed for the drill, most expensive option and it is brand new and lightest. Only downside is there is no handle incase the drill was to fail, I could make one Iím a welder by trade, but Iím unsure how these composite drills work if you weíre to try by hand. Any input? Hoping to fish for another week or two here before season end! Thanks!

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Re: New Member, Gear suggestions?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 27, 2020, 06:28 AM »
Give a man a fish he eats for a day .Teach a man to ice fish he has an obsession for a lifetime


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