Author Topic: Testing the new Strikemaster Lite Flite adaptor.  (Read 140 times)


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Testing the new Strikemaster Lite Flite adaptor.
« on: Feb 02, 2020, 02:51 PM »
Shortly after posting my last video about the Strikemaster Lite Flite "wobble", I was informed that SM is sending out new adaptors to help with this issue. I got mine 3 days after emailing them, and it performed flawlessly. I ran it through a quick torture test, and the adaptor remained solid. They also fixed another problem (that I did not have.) They tapered off the end of the adaptor, so the cordless drills can get a better bite on the shaft of the adaptor. Ive heard they also changed the depth of the bolt threads, so it holds better. If you have a SM LF, and it has a little play in the adaptor, you should be able to get the new adaptor from SM. Heres the video from the test I did. New adaptor on the left, old one on the right.

Link to the video if interested.

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