Author Topic: I found someones tackle box! $400 dollars worth of lures and reels.  (Read 363 times)

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I found a tackle box in the snow someone dropped when they were pulling there sled.  Their were tons of new lures including cash inside.  I unboxed everything on camera. See what happens at the end.

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Well done Sir! May Karma and the Fish Gods smile upon you!
"Ice fishing...ah, the anticipation! 🎣

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You did the right thing, simple as that!
Hopefully, if you ever lose anything, someone will at least make an attempt to return it to it's rightful owner.
I left a creel lay one time with a bunch of brand new wet and dry flies and other fly fishing gear in it, got home and realized I forgot it and drove back to the place I had left it---GONE!
There was a beige 62 Chevy parked across the road from where I had been, when I got back there it was gone, looked for that car for a few years after that but never saw it again.
I was about 16 then, 72 now, hope that SOB that picked up my creel enjoyed fishing with his find and choked on a fish bone or worse!


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