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My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« on: Jan 15, 2020, 11:48 PM »
Hi All,
The last month of 2019 was a busy month, so my ice fishing season started on new years day 2020.
I though it would be a good way to start the year off. ;D

Destination: Fishing Lake. I chose the area where I usually had luck in the open water season, and set up in the shallows from 1.35 pm until 5:30 pm.

It was a cloudy afternoon with a slight wind from the NW.  Mild temps of - 3 deg C /27 deg F made for a pleasant day to be out.

When I first got there another angler was just pulling his shack off the lake with a snowmobile.  He said he had been fishing 3 day without so much as a nibble, so was just in the process of moving to a new area.  Not the report I was hoping for, but, none the less, I thought I would try my luck.

Another group of hopeful anglers were setting up at the same time, to the S of me.

Action started out fast for me. I was just done baiting my set rod, and was working on getting the underwater camera unpacked, when the set rod had a hit. I could not believe my eyes. :blink: 
I had just walked away. Sure enough, I waited and watched.  The set rod bent sharply. 
I grabbed it fast and set the hook.  After a brief, but spirited fight, I iced my first fish of this ice fishing season as well as the new year. :)

I no sooner released the first fish, rebait and walked away, when I had a 2nd fish on. I was still trying to get the underwater camera setup.

Fish 2 was iced as well.

The 3rd fish took a bit longer - a whole 8 min, before hitting. I really had to wait a long time for that one, lol. :laugh:

After that brief flurry of activity, the fish shut right off.

I did ice 1 more fish at around 4:00 pm, but didn't get a photo as I had the camera packed away by then.

I also saw 3 other pike on camera.
They were mildly interested in more aggressive offerings. They came in, stayed for quite a few minutes observing, and then left. The last one, near dark, was the largest by far. This big girl came in, gave a few dashes toward the bait with mouth closed, teasing for approximately 15 minutes, before finally fading off into the gloom.  She was gone.

All the fish caught, hit my set rod with my homemade predator / Y rig and a smelt that I dyed with red food coloring.

The group beside me iced 1 pike as well.

In the end I caught my limit of pike for this lake + the bonus fish.

The first trip of the season, and, new year, went well.  More just like it would be great.

I hope all of you had a great Holiday Season.
Best wishes {and fishes} for the New Year!   >*)}}}>{

Jan. 2nd.

Encourage by the luck I had on New Years Day, I returned to the same spot at Fishing Lake.  I fished from 3:30 pm - 5:20 pm.

Skies were cloudy and a NW wind blew in freezing fog.  Temps was decent at  - 3 deg C /27 deg F.

Only 1 other angler was out on the ice, to the S of me, in a shack.

It was some time before the fish let me know they were around. 
My set rod bends, I maneuvered the pike to the bottom of the hole, but 1 of the hooks dug into the ice and it rolled off. :P

The next fish hit just before sunset.
I saw it strike on camera.  I was jigging a PK spin-a-jig and frozen minnow.

A 2nd fish hits soon after, and is iced as well. :)
It went for the PK spin-a-jig with half a smelt.

Both fish came in fast and hit without hesitation.

I watched a few other pike on the camera too, but they just swam lazily up to the lures / bait, checked them out quite intently, only to swim away again and again.

Jan. 5th.

I am testing my luck at Fishing Lake again, in the same area general area.

I fished from 3:35 pm - 5:40 pm

The weather was nice and sunny with some wind from the NW and a temp of -6 deg C /21 deg F.
Weather reports predict cold coming, so I am enjoying these mild temps while I can.

There were fellow anglers at their shack, to the S of me again today as well.

The sun was sitting on the horizon before I seen any fish action.
From right to left, out of the dark, a pike came shooting through, inhaled the Rippin' Rap, and kept on going.
I set the hook, and slowed it down some.
The scrappy pike was soon iced, posed for a quick pic, and, returned to the deep.

Not long after releasing the fish, a fellow ice angler came by on his snowmobile.  He said that he had been fishing off and on for a few days and seen pike on camera, but, none iced.  A bit of a tough bite at the moment. After chatting for a bit he was off.

The 2nd, and, last fish of the day, came as it was stating to get dark. It hit my homemade Y rig and smelt.

It was a bit smaller than the first one, but, was an OK keeper size.  I let it go too.

All the fish were released on the 3 trips out.  I was just out to enjoy the mild weather and see what was biting.
The ice was 24" / 2 feet thick.  It should thicken up even more after the cold snap that has been predicted.

I left the lake hearing coyotes howling and dogs barking, in response, all around the lake.

It was a slower day, but at least,  no skunk. ;)

Jan. 12th.

I return to the same general area on Fishing Lake.

Since I was there last, several storm systems have swept through, leaving a bit more snow.
Getting on the lake, where I was, would not be possible with a vehicle, so I loaded everything in my small sleigh, and walked out.
Not sure what it's like at other access spots.
Another cloudy afternoon.  It was snowing, and the wind was blowing cold from the SE, then, made a complete circle, and, by the time I left, it was blowing from the NW. The temps were dropping from -13 deg C / 9 deg F to - 20 deg C / -4 deg F, with the wind chill. :blink:

I just kept my back to the wind, and kept on jigging. :whistle:

I fished like this from 2:40pm - 5:35pm

Part way through the afternoon, a fellow ice angler came over on a snowmobile to chat. He said that he had 2 nibbles, but, both times the fish took the bait without being hooked.
I had not iced or seen any fish yet either.

Finally, as it was starting to get dark, a pike comes in, hits my jig and bait, but gets unhooked part way up the water column.  Next thing I see it darting past my camera at great speed.  It's gone! :P

Now, it is actually dark out, when another pike comes in for the jig and bait again.
By this time, I could barely make out the pike's shape against the dark black screen.
It made 3 lunges after the bait, before finally connecting with it on the 4th try.
I iced this fish, and kept it. :)

Hopefully, this bitter cold snap we are having at the moment, won't last too long, and, the fish get a bit more active, once it's over. :tipup:


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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #1 on: Jan 16, 2020, 01:08 AM »
It won't be too cold for long.

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #2 on: Feb 10, 2020, 11:18 AM »
Where else are you going?
John in Lancashire , UK.

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #3 on: Mar 03, 2020, 06:00 PM »
Hi ToonFisher and Jaguarxjsport.
Yeah it's finally warming up a bit.
Not sure what other lakes I will be trying this season.

Hi All,
Here is the last report for the month Jan. and all of Feb. :tipup:

Jan. 25th.
I test my luck again at Fishing Lake in the same general area as I fished before,
from 2:25 pm - 6:00 pm.

The weather is cloudy with the occasional sunny break.
The wind is lite from the E to SE and the temp was just at the freezing mark, 0 deg C /32 deg F.
A nice afternoon to be out ice fishing.

I see 1 ice angler far in the distance, nobody close by.

The fish are around, but, not particularly aggressive. 

Half an hour into the fishing the set rod gets a hit. I walk over and ice a pike. :)
This particular pike was a bit unusual.  Half of it's head and  gill plate were the normal darker pike color, and the other half of the head and gill plate was much lighter green and yellow in color.
You can kind of make out the color difference in this photo.

Not sure what would cause this color anomaly, but it appeared healthy so I released it. ???

A while later my set rod bends forward again. I fight another pike up the hole, was just reaching down to grab it, when the hook goes flying past me, and, the fish sinks back down the hole, just out of my grasp.  So close, but yet so far.

I  had 4 lite nibbles. They give the bait a lite, quick tug and that was it.

I saw 4 pike on the camera, but, they were just coming in and checking the bait or lure out and were off again.

Still slow fishing, but, not completely dead.

Feb. 2nd (Groundhog Day).

My family and a friend accompany me back to Fishing Lake for another afternoon of ice fishing.

The weather played a big part in our decision as to where to fish this day.
The afternoon was decent enough,  with temps at -6 deg C / 21 deg F and a mix of sun and cloud, but, the wind was the big deal. It was really blowing hard from the W to NW at 40 to 60 km/h or 24 to 37 mile/h, with snow flurries near the end, for good measure. :P
Spot 1 turned out to be on the windy side of the lake.
I could barely see the ice shacks in the distance as the snow was blowing  several feet above them.
It was even hard to breath with the snow whipping around.

Definitely not a good location. ::)

Spot 2 turned out to be somewhat more sheltered and closer to shore. We used the vehicles as a makeshift wind break. 
I was the only one who  actively fished outside in the elements.  The others just watched and fished from their vehicles. That worked too.

Not surprisingly, there was only 1 other angler out, fishing from their shack a ways down from us. :whistle:

We endured the wind from 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm.
There were fish around that afternoon, and at 1:00 pm I ice the first fish.
I see a pike come in fast, take a swipe at the lure, miss, leave, take a nibble on the nearest set rod, come back, and strike my lure again.
After a few runs the pike is iced. :)

A bit later on I ice my 2nd fish. ;)

This pike darted in like any other fish, but, on closer inspection, it was missing both it's pelvic and pectoral fins, on it's left side.  The body was totally smooth like they never developed. ???

There was no shortage of fish going by the camera.  They came by 1 at a time fairly steadily that afternoon. I saw 8 pike and 2 walleye.

Our friend, who also had a camera, saw 6 walleye.
They did get a photo of one of the walleye on camera

Most of the fish came in once, took a long slow look, and left.

The exception was, the biggest fish I saw that afternoon. She was a dandy big pike, and looked to be the largest I have seen on the camera sofar this season.
 She seemed to be on patrol.  She would circle the set rod and bait until I started jigging my lure, which would draw her back toward me.  She went back and forth between the 2 area for 15 min or so, before finally moving off all together.

In then end, I was the only one who iced 2 fish.  We did have 3 nibbles on the other set rods as well.

Both fish stayed for a future meal.

This was one of the windiest days I have ice fished, so, I was happy that there was at least some action.

It was also good to finally see pike and walleye in the same location at the same time. 
Hopefully the slight improvement in the action continues.

After ice fishing we were all ready for a good hot meal, which we found at the Lake Side Lodge on Fishing Lake.  It was good to get in out of the wind and soak in the heat by their fireplace. ;D

I am back at Fishing Lake.
The first spot I checked was quite exposed to the strong winds and would not be pleasant to fish sitting outside in the elements, so I moved on.

The second spot was where I found the pike and walleye last time.  Hopefully they would be around again.

The family is with me and a friend joins us later on.

We set up and fished from 1:36 pm - 5:20 pm.

The weather was mainly cloudy, -8 deg C / 18 deg F and windy from the SW to W.
It was drifting and nasty out in the open, but where I was it was tolerable.

There were 2 other anglers out in their shack not far from us.
They ice the first fish of the day, a dandy big pike, that was caught,  photographed, and released (CPR).
We find out later that she weighed 21 lbs, nice. :thumbsup:

Some time in the afternoon 2 conservation officers make their way out and do their routine checks.
All is fine and we chat for a short while. They said that the fishing is slow right now at Fishing Lake and all around the other lakes they cover. It was better in Dec. and early Jan. 
After the chat they then move on to check the other anglers down the lake.

The fishing is slow that afternoon, but not dead. On the camera I see 4 pike and 2 walleye.
For the most part, the fish come in and just hover and stare or swim slowly by.

While watching the camera, a large pike comes in, settle itself right on the bottom of the lake, and eyeballs my lure for 5 min or so, before ever so slowly swimming off.
I wonder if she was the same big pike that was caught earlier, she did look that large. Who knows. :blink:

Finally I have a bit of luck.
This pike went for my homemade rig on the set rod.

This fish, helped me avoid the skunk. ;)

Hoping for better action next time.

Feb. 10th.
I am back to Fishing Lake.
On the way there the wind is still blowing and drifting so I go directly to the general area I was at the last few time out.

I get to the lake and see that there is no one out there but me.

I set up and ice fish from 1:36 pm - 5:20 pm

The weather is a mix of sun and cloud, - 7 deg C / 19 deg F. and a fair wind from the NW.

An hour or so into the day, I see my set rod bob and then stay down.
I set the hook and the fish takes off.
After bit harder fight I ice the fish, a pike.

She is one of the larger ones I have caught this year.  I weigh her quickly and let her go.
She was 7.9 lbs. She hit my homemade loop rig. :)

The next fish (another pike)  goes for the bait in my loop rig, but, shoots through the loop instead and gets lassoed just behind her pectoral fins, with no hooks in the fish at all. I almost get her head up several time, but eventually she swims downward and slides right out, and is off. :laugh:
She would have been similar size to the one I let go.

I do get 4 more nibbles on the set rod.

On camera I see 3 pike that are all are interested in the baits and lures I show them, even  going as far as to gently bump it with their snout, but, that was it.

An hour before I pack up for the night I get one more strike.  This time I was jigging a jig head with chunk of pike skin.

This one was even larger than the first fish, weighing in at 8.2 lbs.

She is now my largest sofar this year. ;D
She also goes back.

All in all, it was a pleasant day on the ice with 2 bigger fish to show for it. :tipup:

Feb. 16th.
I am back at Fishing Lake at my usual open water spot.

The weather is cloudy with lite snow fall. The temp is - 10 deg C / 14 deg F. There is some wind from the SE switching to the N.

This part of the lake has large packed snowbanks around the shore line, so,  the only 2 options are to  walk on or use a snow machine. I walk, pulling the gear in a small sled.

Once I picked my spot, I ice fished from 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm.

There was no one else fishing anywhere around me. A few folks were out on  snow machines that I could see in the distance here and there around the lake.

Fishing was slow again, but not dead. I iced this pike half an hour before I packed up. :)

I also had one fair sized pike come in 15 minutes before I left.  It took a swipe at the lure, missed it, but,  the lure bumped it as it swam by.   That was enough to spook it and after that it just stared and cautiously circled.  Even a fresh frozen herring would not convince it to bite. :P

I pack up before it got too hard to see and exited the lake to the sound of a coyote's lonely howl off in the distance with the snow gently falling.

Hopefully the action picks up in March. :icefish:


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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #4 on: Mar 03, 2020, 07:03 PM »
 nice work WW, the best is yet to come  :tipup:

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #5 on: Apr 02, 2020, 11:17 PM »
Thanks ran7ger, it was a good month in the end. ;D

Hi all,
Here are my reports for the month of March 2020. ;)

March is upon us, delivering the usual signs of spring. 
On the first weekend of March (7th and 8th) my family and I seen horned larks, (they had arrived in late Feb.), and, to our surprise, were sightings of crows, Canada geese and even sandhill cranes.

Looking forward to more signs of spring in the next few weeks.

March 9th.
I'm back at Fishing Lake to check on the action.
I set up where I fished the last time in Feb.

There was not a soul around.  No ice augers drilling, no snow machines revving , nothing, just the quiet sounds of nature. It felt like I had the whole lake to myself.

It was a sunny afternoon with the temp at - 6 deg C / 21 deg F and some wind from the W with periods of calm.

I fished from 1:25 pm - 5:30 pm.

I think the fish were as relaxed as I was.  I didn't see anything on camera despite moving 5 times on foot, from deep to shallow, and everywhere in between.  I though the Super Worm full moon would get them going for sure, but, I didn't see much difference.  Perhaps it would be more influential at night.

I was not skunked.  I finally ice a pike at 2:30 pm. :)

After a quick photo it went back.

Hopefully the rest of March has a bit more action.

March 21st.
Wow, what a difference a few days makes. :o
On my last report we were hearing about COVID-19 on the world news, now it's here in SK. too. :(
These are indeed troubling and uncertain times, but, together we will get through this with the health officials advice. :)

I have decided that self isolating and social distancing could = ice fishing, so, I set my sights on Fishing Lake in hopes of some ice fishing action.

En route I encounter some bison. 
The first herd I came across appeared to be the females, with what I would guess would be last year's young.

Then I come across the big boys. :woot:

It must have been something to see massive herds of these large animals roaming the prairies with no boundaries or restrictions in days gone by.  They just look like they possess some ancient knowledge when you look in those big round eyes.

When I arrive at the lake I find an area unto myself.
There were a few others anglers out with the same idea.

I set up, and fish from 2:20 pm - 7:00 pm.

The afternoon is sunny with a temp of - 8 deg C / 18 deg F. A SE wind keeps things feeling cold.

I had no action, until the sun began to sink lower in the sky at 5:30 pm, then, 13 walleye and 1 pike appear.

The walleye, for the most part, came in, swam up to and past the lures, and, kept on going.  A couple circled and watched for a while before leaving.  2 others come in, hit the front of the spoon I was jigging, ignoring the frozen minnow on the hook, and left, without being hooked. Some walleye came in 3 at a time.

The 1 pike that I saw was very active indeed.  It first shot into view, out of the gloom, and chased away the walleye that were hanging around.  It swam over to the jig, grabbing it above the leader, then, swam over to the camera and eyed it very closely. It went back to the jig, took another swipe at it, missed, and, did a fast circle around, attacking the camera.  I could see it chewing on the lens.  After that, it took one more whack at my jig and minnow, was hooked, and iced.

This is the perpetrator. ::)

Lucky for it, I let it go after all that.

Shortly after that, I had a hit on my set rod.  The fish, (more than likely a pike), bit through the sting'r rig line attached to the jig head and was gone.
That would be it for the action.

On the way off the lake, I snap this photo of the large pike (Pikezilla) that sits at the park's entrance.

The background lent itself to appear, at least to me, as though the big pike was jumping out of water (the blue cloud layer) against the setting sun backdrop.

March 23rd.

I am back to Fishing Lake for the afternoon.

On today's trip back, this snowy owl awaits, atop a power pole.

These white birds are just vacationers here in SK., soon they will be returning to northern Canada to raise their young.

Robins were spotted here and there along the roadsides.  Spring is in the air.
There is 1 other angler already out enjoying a day of fishing when I get there.
They ice a pike just as I am setting up, but, that's the only fish I see them catch.

The weather is sunny at first and clouding over at the end.
The temp is + 1 deg C / 34 deg F, with a fair wind from the E.

The wind lent itself to a kiteboarder, who whisked by with a greeting.

I have see kiteboarders on Last Mountain lake in the past, but, this was a first for me on Fishing Lake.
It was interesting to watch him manipulate the kite into the wind.  He was covering a lot of ice in a very short time @)

Several flocks of Canada geese were sharing the skies with the kiteboarder.  Hopefully the two didn't meet.

On camera I could see the water was alive with food for the fish. Large schools of freshwater shrimp, (scuds), were visible as far as I could see in  any direction. There were small schools of shiner minnows for an added snack.
All that food may explain, to some degree, why the fish were reluctant to bite this winter.  They were just full and content.
The only fish that would bite were the really aggressive ones.  Just a thought. :-\

At 2:53 pm my set rod registers a hit and I walk over and ice my first fish of the day, this pike. :)

It would be the only one iced.
I release it after the photo.

There are fish down there - I can see them on camera.  I seen 2 walleye that come together, both swim up to, and slowly circle the lure, before casually moving on.

I seen 4 pike.  1 was distinctly larger than average. :o
I saw the same big fish 3 separate times that afternoon.  I could tell, by the distinct marking on her sides and fins.  She swam with a purpose, checking out the offerings I showed her.  All were rejected, but for 1, which she nipped toward lightly.  I had a large frozen bait on my set rod that really caught her attention at last.  Through the murky water, I could just see a shadow come in, hit and leave - she took the bait. I though she had it good, the rod bent forward, but, alas, she spat it out before I could get to the set rod.  After that, she cautiously stalked the lures, right to the end, but made no more attempts at biting.  Her presence kept the other fish at bay.  None dared to go through that area after she showed up. :P

As I am packing up, I could still see her cruising past the underwater camera. ::)
She won this time, but, "I'll be back".

March 29th.
This would be my last ice fishing trip of the season, and, as it turned out, it would be an interesting one. :woot:

I spent my last ice fishing day at the same place on Fishing Lake.

Today, en route to the lake, I spot a majestic adult bald eagle, soaring gracefully across the road ahead of me.   I've heard that bald eagle sightings can bring you good luck, so I was hoping I might have a good fishing day. ;)

At the lake there are a few seagulls announcing their arrival too.

There were 8 other vehicles in the general area, all a good distance apart.  I tried to position myself so that I was not crowding anyone either.

The weather was a mix of sun and cloud, with +2 deg C / 36 deg F temps.
A strong wind, (over 30km /h or 18 miles/h), from the SE whistled across the ice.

I set up and ice fish from 2:30 pm - 5:15 pm.

As I finished setting up, I had no idea just how interesting my day was about to become.
While watching for fish on the underwater camera I heard someone approaching across the snow.  I looked up to see a very pleasant, friendly chap that introduced himself and inquired about my day to which I replied in kind.  Turns out, he was a man of the cloth, and, had come by offering his Sunday blessings.  This was a first for me in this environment.  I advised that would be fine, and, he went about his ritual of blessings with all the piety worthy of a church setting.  When he was done, he again approached me with encouraging affirmations that he felt his divine assistance may provide the fish I was seeking, and, endow me with good health amid this COVID-19 pandemic.  I also sincerely wished him good health as well, and, on that note, he departed.

I settle into my fishing routine, thinking over the conversation I had just shared, when, low and behold, within less than a 1/2 hour from the time the fishing area had been blessed, the man's predictions came true.  The place where he had been standing, over one of my ice fishing holes, was where the set rod was bent forward, and I ice my first fish of the afternoon, this pike at 3:30 pm.

How about that! :woot:
It's released after the photo.

Later on, I am changing up an older frozen bait on the set rod, for a fresher one.  As I begin to walk away, the set rod starts to bend. I walk over, feel for the fish, and set the hook. This exhibits an immediate reaction.  The fish starts peeling out line, it feels like a good pike. The fight ensues for several long minutes, with the pike taking run, after run, after run.  At one point I get the fish part way up the long hole, but, feeling trapped, it takes off again, stirring up ice chips and obliterating my view.   It is still on and pulling hard.  I try to get the fish up a 2nd time, but, since I can't see anything, the fish's lower jaw hooks on the bottom of the ice. When I feel extra resistance I slowly ease off and it becomes free again. Finally, after a long fought battle, I slide this pike up and out at 4:02 pm.
Pheww, success, and, by the way, as predicted...

I have finally iced that "lunker" I have been waiting for all season long. :flex: 

She was a nice sized pike at 38.5"long x 20"thick. ;D

She hit one of my home made predator / Y rigs.

After 2 photos, I remove the hook, and set her free.

By the time I get to the underwater camera all I see is a whirl of sediment blowing by as she sped off. I check just below the ice in all directions, just to be sure, but, she is long gone, to hopefully, spawn sometime this April.

Before I leave the lake for the season, there is a 3rd hit.  It gets away, but added some last minute excitement, just to remind me that the fish will still be there when I get back in the new open water season.  It was a better day than most had been this season, so I was grateful for that. :)

Over all, I am happy, and, shocked, on how my season came to an end this year - iceing my largest fish of the winter.
For me, it has been a finale to remember. @)

The season in general has been good.  Even on slower days I was never skunked. :tipup:

I would like to thank all of you for coming along with me this season, and hope that you are all safe and sound in the days to come. :)

Until we chat again, be safe and have fun. ;D

Water Wolf out!

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #6 on: Apr 03, 2020, 05:39 AM »
great report !
great pics !
nice fish too !
 ;D :clap: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #7 on: Apr 07, 2020, 11:07 PM »
Thanks sebago2jigtima.  :)


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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #8 on: Apr 10, 2020, 04:50 PM »
Nice post ww I as well as many others really enjoy your detailed storys!

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Re: My 2020 ice fishing reports.
« Reply #9 on: Apr 15, 2020, 04:49 PM »
Thanks Railman8157. Nice to know that my post are being enjoyed. :)



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