Author Topic: Slow days at Strawberry  (Read 458 times)

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Slow days at Strawberry
« on: Jan 09, 2020, 10:08 PM »
Longtime listener first time poster, my first ice trip of the year at Strawberry looking to use the new Christmas toys including an ICE55 flasher and a Striker suit and pistol bit was less than eventful. A slow ride to the marina during the snow storm and was on the ice around 8:30, snow wasnt too bad at the lake and cleared up around 10. Started near the ramp in about 42' fow which goes against my better judgment as we typically stay in 13-30'... As expected, No dice. Moved east of the lodge to get a little more secluded as I was getting alot of interference on the finder, started a rod in about 14' and another in 22', again, no takers and didnt even mark 1 on the finder for 90 min. Changed one rod to a red cutter bug, nothin, changed again to a red flasher, nada, Moved to 26' and pulled a portly cutt 6" off the bottom on a green glow paddle bug tipped with 1/2 meal worm 👍 by this time the sun was out and had better spirits that this was the right depth... wrong... not another bite to speak of for hours as we moved to join the rest of the googans at 45+ fow. It was good for my ego to hear none of them were landing or marking anything either. The highlight of the day would be the performance on the Eskimo Pistol Bit Auger, 8" hole was plenty large and it cuts as fast or faster than a 10" gas with none of the weight, Highly reccommed! Will probably try the ladders next trip out on foot, Somedays the Berry just has your number.
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Re: Slow days at Strawberry
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 2020, 10:47 PM »
Welcome to the shanty marrott1, the berry can definently have those days. With the way the ice is growing, getting away from the crowds is definitely the way to go if you have transportation. If not the marina shuttle service is up and running and it's not a bad deal. Sounds like your set good for this season for sure. Good to hear your happy with the pistol bit. There's so many good drill augers on the market this year. The gassers are definitely on the way out. I gave up my 20yr old strike master mag 2000 a couple years ago for the Milwaukee nils convertible setup and im not looking back. Again welcome and feel free to hit me up anytime


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