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Fenwick Techna Ice Spinning rod new 2019
« on: Nov 04, 2019, 09:59 PM »
Preliminary review: Fenwick Techna Ice Spinning rod

Okay, so I cave into the new one.  At first I thought the Fenwick Techna Ice Spinning rods were only going to come straight Tennessee handle style.  Which would have been a lousy move in my opinion.  To my surprise they gave it a reel seat option.  Okay so I snatched one.  Of course it has to be the medium light one in 28" length.  I don't need a medium powered one.

It's already removed from the plastic packaging and I've already mounted a reel on.  Of course was my Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 because I really don't have a home for that reel anywhere and the red thread highlight on the rod sort of matches the red highlights on the reel too.  Currently spooled on the reel is Gamma Touch 5# fluorocarbon line.

In quick rod tip response check comparison to the Fenwick Aetos medium light power also in 28" length, the Techna is slightly softer.  The Aetos is a Xtra Fast rod tip.  So I could say that Techna is a Fast tip action but almost X-fast tip action.  According to Fenwick the blank is solid carbon and is basically the same as the Aetos.  The line guides on the Techna are a slightly lighter material compared to the Aetos.  The upper line guides and tip guide are fly guide types, solid wire.

It's too bad Fenwick gave up on the Aetos Ice rods as there would be much potential for it.  They are strong, responsive rod blanks with strong line guides, and probably a bit too powerful for most people.  The Techna Ice rods are basically the replacement for the Aetos but with lighter line guides and a slightly softer rod tip.  The reel seat is a good option to have.  Glad they didn't just stick with Tennessee handles only.

The rod balance is butt heavy.  The metal parts used in the construction of the rod handle are additional weight.  That's the one thing I notice most from just holding the rod in hand.

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