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Author Topic: Minnow Bucket - What are you using?  (Read 1111 times)

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Re: Minnow Bucket - What are you using?
« Reply #30 on: Oct 02, 2019, 06:26 PM »
those of you who use Coleman's with the screw top. Do you keep an Aerator in it while you're out on the ice? Here in NH we use Smelt that are pretty sensitive. Just wondering exactly how you're set up with it out on the ice.
no reason to use aerator on the ice-------dip fresh water from the lake or dunk them in a hole in a mesh bag.
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Re: Minnow Bucket - What are you using?
« Reply #31 on: Nov 08, 2019, 09:35 AM »
Never liked anything with a screw on lid. Due to fact most of my ice fishing is done on the outside. Hate shelters but have to use occasionally . So the screw on lid seems to freeze for me. The hotter the fishing the more likely it happens to me. Water gets on threads and it is stuck fast.

The best one I ever had I made myself. It was a cooler with a flip over lid. The two side buttons released the lid. Had bubbler mounted on one side and two holes on lid for the airlines. Somehow it has disappeared. So have to build another for this season.
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Re: Minnow Bucket - What are you using?
« Reply #32 on: Today at 06:18 PM »
hays47 put some Vaseline on the threads before you leave the house, that will keep the top from freezing.

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Re: Minnow Bucket - What are you using?
« Reply #33 on: Today at 07:01 PM »
Engel 13 quart.
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