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Tackle and Rod combo demo
« on: Apr 15, 2019, 03:13 PM »
I wanted to give a big thanks to the guys at tailored tackle for letting me demo some of their gear this winter. For starters the products they sell & ship come in very well packaged boxes. The rod/reel combo was protected very well and had no visible damage when I received it. Now you might ask why this is so important to me and being the type that does a lot of online shopping I have had numerous rods come that were not packaged correctly if at all and every time the rod tip is broke off. Not the case here. So upon 1st inspection of the combo it was a very nicely built rod at 28in and definitely had the med-light action. Back bone felt great and was put to the test on more than a enough trout and perch. I paired it with some 6lb mono and it worked perfect to not be to heavy for some panfish jigs and not to light for some trout up to 20Ē. It handled every fish I caught on it just as well as my more higher end rod combos. The drag on the reel was very smooth and performed well in temps down to -13 without any issues. Now with the tackle box I really enjoyed everything they put in there. I didnít get to use all the stuff but I had good luck with what I did tie on. It has a great assortment for many different types of fishing. I used the jigging minnow, rip minnow, flutter spoons, diamond jigs and the best luck on the lady bug jigs. Caught some nice perch on them. Iím already looking forward to next season to put some more of that kit to work on nailing crappies. All the tackle appears to be made of very good quality and the stuff I did use did not fail once. I really donít have much I could recommend to improve this kit or combo. You guys put together some good stuff and itís obvious you did your research on what you wanted in there. If it gets to the point of expanding the line of tackle kits I would recommend a Laker/large trout box and even a musky/pike box that would incorporate stuff for tip-ups and jigging. Again thanks for letting me demo some of your products. Thank you


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