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Author Topic: Direct connection from auger to cordless drill  (Read 2458 times)

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Re: Direct connection from auger to cordless drill
« Reply #30 on: Feb 23, 2019, 08:55 AM »
I have about 6 ryobi drills ive bought or gotten in there package deals. So 4 years ago i took my oldest beat up drill and put it on my auger. All i did was remove the chuck. (Open the chuck and look in there. Remove the screw. It is reverse thread. Then unscrew the chuck....might need to tighten chuck on allen wrench to break it free. It has normal threads.) Then i found a nut that fit the threads on the drill. Take the auger handle off and saw off the bottom 6 inches of the handle. Take the piece you just sawed off and weld it onto the nut. Try to get it as straight as possible. Then you should be able to thread the nut on to the drill and put a washer on the reverse screw from your chuck and screw it back in. Now the auger can go on and never fall off unless you break the screw. Works great. I can get 15 6" holes in 12" solid clear ice in one battery. I have a pile of batteries and just bring a few if im with people and need 50 holes lol. That original drill worked 3 years. Probably around 2000 holes. Lay it in snow and water and finally just burned up early this year. So just switched to a shiny new one that might never been used ever and only got 2 trips and 30 holes before it fried. My buddy was using it.....he also was the one who burned up the one the week before. Maybe he just does something? Maybe the drill was defective? So now the 3rd drill is going strong all season. Ive got more drills for backup. You could build an adapter for less than $1....if you can weld a nut. I still carry the handle and its still useable.

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Re: Direct connection from auger to cordless drill
« Reply #31 on: Feb 23, 2019, 09:36 AM »
Yes I made it. 1 1/8" cold roll steel, drill & tap 9/16 x 18 for drill connect, drilled .718 hole (23/32) drill bit & 5/16 hole for left thread retainer screw. Powder coat to rust proof. Vice, drill press, precision square for tools.

Nice job! wish that model was available for sale!

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Re: Direct connection from auger to cordless drill
« Reply #32 on: Feb 23, 2019, 06:00 PM »
 I have what I consider to be the best set up for a cordless drill auger. Dewalt 20V brushless drill and a fin bore hand auger. I had a stainless 16" adapter extender machined to accommodate the Dewalt chuck spindle threads. The adapter screws into the drill after the chuck is removed and has reverse threads so it can't come unscrewed. After a few holes even putting the drill in reverse won't cause it to unscrew. The bottom end is machined to look just like the handle so you remove the handle by unscrewing the thumbscrew, remove the auger and slide it on the adapter and put the thumbscrew back in and tighten. Perfect, secure with no wobble and lite in weight. I can easily change from a 4", 6" or an 8" fin bore auger.

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