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« on: Feb 04, 2019, 01:43 PM »
has anyone been out and how is the bites,my boy was out Satueday 1 tullibe..that's it.. info would be aprecieatedů might go later this week ???

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Re: Mission (Feb 3rd)
« Reply #1 on: Feb 05, 2019, 01:32 PM »
Was out at Mission on Sunday (Feb 3rd).  Ice was a solid 25-26 inches at 6 different locations.  Entered on the North/West end of the lake off Hwy 22 along the trail aligned to the creek flowing in - just after the bridge . 

Fishing was slow until about 11:30 local time and then they started to bite.  Caught 13 Tullibees (Ciscos) and one very small Walleye.  The bite really ended about 1:30 or so.

All the fish were caught out near the cottage owned by Read Head Equip - the one with the float airplane hanger.  All in ~15-18' of water.

Several other locations marked fish, but they were not biting.  Could have been more action at those locations when the bit started, but we staked out where we were catching fish and did not move around after that.  Rather catch a few Tulibees than nothing.


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