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Author Topic: Frabill tub chair  (Read 203 times)

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Frabill tub chair
« on: Jan 30, 2019, 07:23 AM »
Do you guys like the Frabill Tub chair?  Essentially a boat seat mounted on a tub?  Pros, cons?  Seems like a good idea to hold all your 'stuff', or at least most of it.  Ive got a cooler roughly the same size, and my swivel chairs I took out of my Yukon, so am thinking of mounting one on the cooler.  It seems nice you can then sit way back in the tub of your one man.  Ive got a Shapell with the sliding bench seat.  I like that ok, but I still end up with stuff all over in there by the end of the day....Thoughts?

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Re: Frabill tub chair
« Reply #1 on: Jan 30, 2019, 02:54 PM »
The plastic on the tubs seems really thin and easy to break. The local basspro had some out last season (mix of this one and the same tub, just a big cushion on it instead of the seat) and every single lid was broken as were some of the tubs. And that is without them being out in the cold where they can get more brittle.
How easy is it to stand up in your shack? The cooler is going to be taking up a decent chunk of floor space, so you have to remember anytime you want to get at something you have to stand up, take the lid off the cooler, find somewhere to put the lid (with chair attached) down so you can muck about in the cooler, all while hunched over in your shack. Maybe dry run it a few times in the garage and see how reasonable it is?


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