Author Topic: Milwaukee M18 battery - Won't Charge? Possible jump start to get it going again  (Read 19784 times)

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Yes that was the thread, my mistake. Doesn't change the fact the guy took a cheapshot and shouldn't get all offended if someone takes one back. Didn't think people would get this defensive over power tools. My apologies for derailing the thread.


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Have bought many batteries for all tools and work in construction. Brand names DO MATTER.
If you don't use it alot,go ahead and buy cheap stuff. Cheap chinese JUNK DOESN'T LAST if your going to use it alot. Been there done that.
mAh's matter when buying batteries.School yourself on Ni-Cd batteries, Good Day
NOT NiCAD!  Lithium is nothing like that.  I'm sure there are knock off batteries for the M18 that are cheap and worth what you might pay for them.  But NiCAD has nothing to do with it.

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To me it looks like you have the output terminal of one battery hooked up to the output of the other. I think the m18 has input terminal for charging. So try output of good battery to input of bad

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I used a trickle charger to do the jump. It worked.
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Came across this ..cant verify if it works though.

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