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Author Topic: Another drill thread  (Read 3269 times)

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Re: Another drill thread
« Reply #30 on: Feb 23, 2019, 05:28 PM »
Well I finally made a move. I wound up answering most of my own questions from before.

To start, yes a 7” hole is a huge improvement over a 6” hole for fishing bigger fish.

I had been just running the 7” mora by hand the better part of the season. As of the past few weeks it has been getting really strenuous. Walk through 2 feet of snow to then have to drill 26” of ice by hand. Have literally been doing my 3 holes and calling it a day lately. If one wasn’t a perfect spot then too bad.

So I buckled up and just bought the 996 dewalt. Man am I impressed. For my fishing I can’t imagine needing anything more powerful.

Tested it today on my 2 ah battery. Left it sit overnight in the truck at 30 degrees and got 7 holes in 26” of ice. So around 175” total. Plenty for me. Plus I have 2 spares if I’ll need it.

My biggest question is on break through. I know you need to let the drill do the work but I am still jarring my wrists. Is there any extensions available for the side handle to get a little more leverage? I would like to avoid spending the cash in a clam plate quite yet.

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Re: Another drill thread
« Reply #31 on: Mar 12, 2019, 06:06 PM »
The trick with the Mora is to lift up slightly as you get close to breaking through. It makes the auger take a smaller bite which lessens the bind at the bottom of the hole. I have the 6" and 8" Moras and they both bite at the bottom if you don't lift.


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