Author Topic: Qu'appelle 2018/2019  (Read 12148 times)

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Re: Qu'appelle 2018/2019
« Reply #60 on: Mar 18, 2019, 08:11 AM »
Lutherland, textbook spot, off the point, deeper water all around,  fishing 16 ft, catching zero fish.  Guess the fish didn't school up and read the book. Saw a few jack, tulibee and suckers. Had a jack steal a minnow once. Just enough on the screen to keep the interest.

we set up east of the point a little further in the bay last weekend. tip ups ranging from 6 - 24 FOW. jigging around the 24' mark. lots of fry perch and walleye on the screen but no takers and not even a false flag on a tip-up. got bored of that so we chased tulibee higher up in the water column. ended up putting close to a dozen of them on the ice.
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Re: Qu'appelle 2018/2019
« Reply #61 on: Mar 25, 2019, 12:43 PM »
Can you still get on pasqua or mission by the ski hill with a vehicle

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Re: Qu'appelle 2018/2019
« Reply #62 on: Mar 25, 2019, 01:33 PM »
Hi! I'm wondering if someone could tell me the approximate date when most of the ice has melted on Last Mountain, Katepwa, Buffalo Pound and Crooked.

I'm from the University of Regina and writing my thesis on winter conditions in lakes around SK, so that's why I'm hoping to catch the approx. ice-off date, which would be when 2/3 of the lake has melted or the first day when its completely melted to go with a boat. I'm grateful for any reply and update as soon as the ice melts! Thanks!


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