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Ice fishing baitcasting reel....

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So does anyone thing we will see some company release an “ice fishing”bait casting reel....

Guessing it would just be a baitcaster in a size to fit our ice rods.....

Surprised no company has done it yet.

Not enough rods out yet, but same argument could be had for nor having rods, not enough reels.  ;D what comes first the rod or the reel  ???

hopefully it wouldn't be expensive either. No overly complicated spool tension system to prevent rats nesting. It would make things more compact to store also.

river rat78:
Baitcasters are better used with heavier baits and line. I don’t see them being able to drop small lures designed for panfish. I do see them being used to target larger fish like walleye, pike, laker trout. For this you can just use a low profile baitcaster.

Id like to see a nice small baitcaster reel too.not the cheap ht one either..i think it wouldnt be a levelwind because that has the tendency to get water splashed on it and freezes up on my winter steelhead reels.


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