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What a hot humid summer we have had! Never fear fall is near and the pre ice fishing thoughts are on the brain! Dig up your most awesome ice fishing picture from last season and post it here on this thread. Please add a little text or story about the photo. *This will be included in the judging. On December 3rd 2018 I'll select the top ten... which will then be voted on by the membership to determine the top 3 winners of the spoon/beanie prize pack. 


Top 10 I select will win a 3 month militia trial package.

Top 3 that are voted win a 6 pack of Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoons, a Team Iceshanty Beanie Cap and some stickers from the  Team Iceshanty Proshop

Post only one image entry per member.
Post only a photo of your own.
Contest entry period ends December 3 2018

Let's see some photos of the hardwater!
Good Luck!  :tipup:

My 6 yr old grandson. first time out on the ice. dressed him up warm and got him out there. Thought it was a riot sliding and falling on the ice. he can't wait to get back out there. No fish, still had a ball. He was so upset that he lost one of his new gloves. Had to go to WalMart to get a replacement pr. A new Ice fisherman was born that day!

At an ice fishing tournament in Erie Pennsylvania for panfish, I caught my first steelhead ever and it took second place in last seasons Iceshanty Online Tournament! It almost didn't fit through the hole!  Also, the winners of the tournament was a father and son team and it was their first time ever fishing in a tournament.  They ended up taking home $1000! It was awesome to see a young kid and his father enjoying the ice season together and now they are hooked!  The video of the tournament is on youtube.

First ice in northern MN last November, and among a few smaller fish, my buddy ended up catching a thick 25" walleye. The ice and water were so clear we watched the fish for the last 10-15 feet of the fight, really a neat way to start the season.

Here’s a picture from my trip to Hubbard Lake in Michigan late last year. We got skunked for the day and half that we got to fish. We had a great time on the ice though doing our best to try to find some fish.


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