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Author Topic: Moosehead in mid February- Beaver Cove advice  (Read 548 times)

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Moosehead in mid February- Beaver Cove advice
« on: Aug 18, 2018, 10:24 AM »
We are once again looking to rent for a few days on Moosehead this year during school vacation in February.

Last year we rented the first weekend in March (howling winds!) way up in Rockwood. 1.5 hours from Greenville.  We got a salmon and 2 brookies. So we were happy!

My question is- we are looking at trying the Beaver Cove area Feb 15-19 by Lily Bay.

4 adults, 2 little kids and 2 jack russells! 

We have never fished in that area, so I'd like some advice on fishing this area, before I dishing out $1500 on a rental!

Any advice would be really appreciated for this grammie who just want to take her grandkids and my two sons for some good fishing.

I know there was a snowmobile accident near Sugar Island last year.  We would like to take UTVs on the ice if safe also.

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Re: Moosehead in mid February- Beaver Cove advice
« Reply #1 on: Sep 14, 2018, 08:42 AM »
Moosehead is a dangerous lake because it is so big there can be pressure ridges that form over night, so you have to be very careful anywhere on the lake all the time.  But Beaver Cove isn't anymore dangerous than any other place on the lake, and there should be plenty of ice, but double check.

 I would be very surprised if you can use anything on the lake in mid February other than snowmobiles, or tracked atv's. 

I would fish around the islands and shore for brookies, in deep water for togue, and under the ice for salmon. 

Beaver Cove is quite easy to get to, right off the main road, and not to far back to Greenville, probably take you 30 minutes or so, but if it took you an hour and a half to get from Greenville to Rockwood you might want to add a little on to that time.  $1500 seems on the steep side, but I have no idea.


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