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Panoptix data cable?
« on: Aug 09, 2018, 12:40 PM »
Iím considering purchasing an Echomap mount kit, and permanently mounting to my flip over (I also use the Echomap in a kayak and with the ice kit). The mount kit comes with a power cable; I would keep that connected, and add a SAE quick connect for the connection to the battery box. I would also like to keep an Ethernet patch cable connected to the unit, and be able to quickly/easily connect the Panoptix data cable via a RJ45 coupler or keystone jack mounted to the battery box. From pictures that I have seen online, it looks like Garmin uses a crossover cable, but the pictures are not good enough for me to be 100% certain. Anyone know the pinout, and if simply connecting a straight through patch cable to the unit, adding a straight through coupler, and connecting the PS22-TR transducer cable to the coupler would work?



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