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Just a thought and a pretty common discussion is always "What is the best tip up?"

We all have our own favorites and it's usually the ones we have and use but a poll would be pretty informative for beginners and experienced icemen just the same. As an example, I have been ice fishing for over 55 years and have never seen an Indian Hills tip up. I thought after all these years I had seen and probably owned just about every brand because I have continually upgraded my equipment all along. I have 5 full sets of tip ups now and often bring friends and younger new ice fishers out and I keep sets ready to loan out.

There are lots of good quality tip ups on the market now but what stands out to make each in the category of "The Best" is what a poll might show. The ones that stand out here and get mentioned often seem to be in no particular order, Heritage Laker, Beaver Dam, Jack Traps, Indian Hills, HT Polars and Frabils. Prices range anywhere from $12- $50 each but cost does not necessarily make a particular tip up best. I have or have had Beaver Dams, Heritage Laker, Jack Traps, HT Polartherm Extremes and liked them all. Some are better in certain conditions and I use particular sets depending on what those conditions are. I don't need big Jacks or Heritage sticks if I am fishing shallow lakes or ponds for relatively small fish. I can't use the disc styles if I am fishing deep water for large fish. I need tall flags and visible tip ups if I fish on busy lakes with snow machines running wild and I need them if there is deep snow. Discs work pretty good to keep the holes from freezing up but I use the mostly on bare ice in shallow waters because they can get buried under blowing snow. Storage and weight are also a consideration. My disc types fit 6 in a 5 gallon bucket and travel real easy while my Jacks and Lakers take up more room and add weight.

All of this stuff could be put in a poll if someone knows how to do it. Quality, Fit and Finish, Function, Durability and Cost are all a part of what makes one superior to the others. If I could only take just one set with me that would work in any and all conditions it would be my Jack Traps hands down. Not all can afford them but those would be my pick. Nothing wrong with my Heritage Lakers either so they would be second in line. Wish I could see an Indian Hills hands on to evaluate but never have so I reserve my opinion on them. Beaver Dams are high quality but have limitations like mentioned above and with their low profile and short flags just too hard for me to see from any distance and subject to getting run down by fast machines who can't see them either, same with the discs. Maybe a poll would have to have a couple of categories like deep water and shallow water or big fish and smaller fish types.

One last thought if someone can and does set up a poll to vote in. Not fair to slam one brand or another if you have never seen it or used it. I can't say anything good or bad about an Indian Hills tip up because I have only ever seen poor quality pictures of one. BTW, We are talking about Tip UPs and not about all the newer tip down rigs coming out which could be be another discussion.

Since the ice is gone from my area and no fishing for another 2 weeks until trout season opens this might keep us talking a little longer this year and in years to come. 

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