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Jaw Jacking Big Triploid Trout
« on: Mar 12, 2018, 11:25 PM »

Acme Tackle Tungsten and Meal Worms Slayed Em!

The Jaw Jacker has changed the way I fish for trout on slow days when the fish don't want to pay any attention to a flashy spoon or moving jig. Sometimes these big lazy trout just want a small presentation that is held dead still. You could either do this with a strike indicator on your line or you could just use a couple Jaw Jacker hook setting devices like I do and be busy running back and forth. These ponds can be hit and miss, but early in the ice season from first freeze till the begining of January fishing can be excellent. Don't forget these same ponds when the weather warms up and the ice starts to melt away from the shore. These ponds will once again have actively feeding trout that you can target even after the big lakes are off limits due to fishing closures. So don't put away the auger and short rods, head out to a trout pond this spring.

If you want to find a lake near you hear are a couple of great resources that I use to locate new lakes. Friends can also be a big help in locating productive spots if they're willing to share with you. the good thing about trout is that they put a new batch in every year, so you don't have to feel guilty keeping a few for dinner.

Best of luck out there. Leave your comments, questions and feedback. I love hearing what you guys want to know and how I can better serve my viewers.

If you want notifications don't forget to hit the BELL. That's the only way you can keep up with me these days. Subscription alone doesn't do it.

I know I accidentally said brook trout as well... but these are all rainbows. I was just used to catching all the brookies in BC.


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