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Author Topic: Spark Plug Gap Incorrect From Factory For Eskimo Augers.  (Read 202 times)

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My two brothers each bought new Eskimo Z71 augers from Cabelas on the same day. . Both augers on initial startup ran rough and shook a lot at idle . After spending a day on the ice I can say both augers under load performed well  with no issues. They both ran a little better at idle than initial start up but still weren't running the way they should. When we got home we decided to pull the plugs on both units. The spark plug gap for the Z71 should be .024. One plug was at 0.040 and the second was at 0.037. After re-gapping the plugs and adjusting the idle screw both augers run way better. Moral of the story check spark plugs once in a while even if the auger is new.


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