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Author Topic: Sorry to who missed out and New ice out hours are Toms Bait Westford  (Read 276 times)

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On Saturday Feb 24 was the last week end day, did 4 hours nobody in, nice day too. Sunday rain like hell, just didn't see the need. Ice is junk here if you can get on. Sunday around 6:30 someone calls the shop, and then calls about 4-5 times in 10 min. I have your # if you can please come down and you can have a couple dozen on the house. My fault. We do have shiners in stock. mediums and heavy mediums, plus worm and all that.  AND ICE OUT HOURS Monday -Thursday 6-4 Friday6-12. Thank for the business. Small bait shops are a dieing thing. So plan ahead. Thanks to you people we try to make it work. Thanks again Tom and Bill
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It wasnt me, and I think thatís a stand-up move.

Iíve been to your shop once last season and you guys put me on fish.

I plan to get back up that way with my kayak and will be sure to stop in again.



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