Author Topic: Taking some first-time kids to the Berry on Friday. Any advice?  (Read 245 times)

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I've got a big Eskimo tent (the kind that looks like two smaller ones combined) with a small "Little Buddy" heater. Not sure how well it's going to heat up the bigger tent with the temps we're looking at. No fish finder.

Anyway, I'd love to have these guys enjoy their trip so they'll be open to it next time.  I have a pretty big group, and they'll be riding snowmobiles at Co-op creek. I'll be shuttling a group of them from the snowmobiling at Co-op (right by Chicken Creek) to come fish for ~1.5 hrs per group.

Ladders is nearby and I've done well there in years past catching smallish rainbows (which is totally great. I'd rather have them each have a chance at catching a fish then only a couple of them catching bigger cutties). Chicken Creek is right there.  But I'd be very willing to shuttle them a little bit further if it meant they had a better chance at catching fish.

Once I set up shop, though, I don't think we'll be able to move around much as I'll have to be taking kids back and forth.

So any advice on where I should be?  Or any other tips. 


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Chicken creek east/west is a good area, used to fish both quite a bit before I had machines. Always started around 20fow and moved shallower until I found fish. Have been doing really good with orange cutter bugs tipped with waxies the last few trips there on the ice. Fishing was definately better in the morning then slowed after 11ish. As for your set up, that single buddy will keep the chill off but won't heat a tent that size to no jacket temps. Should be fine though. A fish finder would be recommended but if you can't round one up just drop to the bottom and come up 1-3 cranks. Good luck

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Thank you much!  I'll let you know how we do.


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