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Clearwater and North Conditions and Report?
« on: Feb 15, 2018, 08:24 AM »
Hey, going to stop at Clearwater for a few days this coming week.  Wondering about lake access, any pressure ridges as well as slushy bad ice?  I am planning on fishing the pioneer bay area, can I park somewhere there and get on the lake or do I have to drive from another spot.  I have fished it a few times before and have maps, gps and yes google earth.  I will have a tracked quad so deep snow isn't a deterrent. Planning on stopping at Petes in the Pas for info as well just thought someone here might be able to answer my questions also.

Lastly any reports on fishing and ice for wekusko, reed, wabishok?  Would like to try these lakes also next week or if there is a bite on at another lake in the area for walleye or trout please let me know. Even if its a bit of remote access that's ok and I'm sleeping on the ice so I can really go anywhere.  I haven't ice fished this season yet, been gone every weekend coaching basketball so finally a week off to do nothing but fish.  I'm pumped.  Then back to basketball for another month haha. 

Any help or tips is appreciated.  Thanks.


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