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Author Topic: Strikemaster Magnum III - leaking fuel tank permanent fix  (Read 236 times)

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I have a Strikemaster Magnum III with a leaky fuel tank.  There is no rubber grommet between the fuel line and plastic tank, as far as I can tell you're just supposed to jam the barb on the filter through the hole in the tank and cross your fingers that it seals.  This seems like a chintzy design, as there is  poor angle to push the filter filter from above, and if I pull the tygon fuel line from below, it just stretches out the line without pulling the filter barb through.

I would like to solve this design problem once and for all.  Can I install some sort of "universal" rubber grommet that can accept 3/16" tygon tubing to seal the tank?  Is this something a local hardware store would carry? There is no priming bulb, so it would have to be a single-inlet grommet, not a double.
It seems like I could drill out a larger hole in the plastic tank to accept the rubber grommet, and push the fuel line through to mate with the filter the same way my string trimmer is designed.


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