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ATV Tires - Snow & Ice
« on: Dec 15, 2017, 09:31 AM »
Looking for suggestions.  I recently picked up a 1991 Honda TRX200 two wheel drive ATV.  It needs some work before she's ready for the ice, and one of the things it will need is a new set of tires.  What makes a tire good for handling snow and ice?  The rear tires are 22x11-8, and the front are 21x7.00-10.  My budget is pretty limited.  Does anyone know of a place to get slightly taller tires with the same width and wheel diameter?  Would be nice to have a little more clearance.

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Re: ATV Tires - Snow & Ice
« Reply #1 on: Dec 15, 2017, 09:50 AM »
For every inch increase in tire diameter, you only get 1/2 inch increase in clearance, is it really worth it.  Get a good set of 2 link tire chains instead.

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Re: ATV Tires - Snow & Ice
« Reply #2 on: Dec 16, 2017, 10:33 PM »
I run on ice that usually has no snow so it is sometimes real slippery getting around.  A few years ago I made up some tire chains for my 650 arctic cat.  The chains have worked beyond what I had expected and then some, great job.

I measured the tread face and about 4" down each sidewall and came up with 16" for each cross chain.  Once that was all accounted for I shopped wally world for a $38 set of car tire chains of that width.  With bolt cutters in hand I rolled the tire chains up over the tires, drove over them 1/2 way and snipped off the remaining extra length. I put them the way I wanted and bunji corded them up tight. Including the trip to the store and all, about an hour of time and the chains at $38.

They work great on ice for pulling a load, and have made the machine a real beast in deep snow.   They really help running the ramps up in the trailer too. Oh, they do not hurt the tires or rub on any of the brake lines or other essential parts of the machine.  This is my fourth winter on them.

Fisherman, it is what it is.  Changing tire sizes will change your final gearing and you will really need that lower gearing on that smaller machine. You can spend money on tires and on suspension to raise up the clearance ...and then a new drive belt, and well, hold off with what you have and get a bigger machine when you can.  I had a 300 polaris two wheel drive and was in the exact boat you are in. I held out for one winter, got the same $500 trade in that I gave for it and went up to the arctic cat 650 for another $3,500  Now I can run with the best of them on and off the ice. I am glad I did not sink any more hard earned money in to the smaller machine. Sweat it out and try some good  fitting tire chains for less than $50.

For tires, believe it or not, Walmart's auto bays in select stores can order in any tire size for a lower price than most tire stores, and at a lower price that ATV stores as well.  To answer your other question on what kind of tire, a new tire has softer tread rubber good for ice somewhat and an aggressive tread is best in snow.   Best brand = brand new.
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Re: ATV Tires - Snow & Ice
« Reply #3 on: Dec 21, 2017, 04:37 PM »
alot of good info there. Ive got a 91 Suzuki quad runner 2wd, got it for reasonably cheap. put a few hundred into it. It has been bulletproof, unbreakable ive tried! After she proved her worth i bought two new duro buffalo, cheapest tire i could find for the rear. The old turf tires used to peel in a heat beat, now I need Low gears to spin these unless Im on a slippery surface. The difference in power when you have traction is really noticeable on these small machines. 

That being said, enter my first winter with new tires, while they're a tonn better than the old ones, the chains are going on for sure 1000% They are the ultimate difference maker, Most people chirp these 2wd machines but really they will go most places any quads do, 2wd limitations are deep snow when 4wd can help you struggle through, but once your getting hung up on the frame its about time to throw in the towel. Better clearance helps until the snow gets super deep. I put a winch on my machine, defiantly advise that. good 70$ spent. One day I would like about a 450. I think that is my dream machine. But right now its cheaper to run this one.

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Re: ATV Tires - Snow & Ice
« Reply #4 on: Jan 04, 2018, 09:29 AM »
Cold Kutter ice racing screws........Just make sure they are shorter than your tread depth...


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