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Good Day On Elmore
« on: Feb 22, 2006, 04:49 AM »
We had a good trip to Lake Elmore (Central VT) yesterday. Got there in the dark and drove out no problem. Nearly 24 inches of ice now.  A little wind and blowing snow but not a bad day overall. Not another soul fishing while we were there. No shanties left on the ice now. Last Friday's wind storm evidently destroyed them all! We saw debris here and there, at the north end of the lake, remnants of the shanties that were once out there! We set-up ten of our sixteen tip-ups out near the center channel in about 16-18 feet of water. Those were our "perch tip-ups". We set the other six along the shore, and later along a rocky point that spears out into the water along the far side of the lake. We were getting flags by the time it was light enough to see the tip-ups, using "heavy-medium" goldens for bait. Ended up with nine big perch for the day, all over 12 inches. Got about 15 pike total. Kept three of the larger males to eat and released all the others. We were on our way home around noon. Those big perch are sure starting to "color up" as you can see below!  -Jim


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